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CtP2 FAQ v3ish
This is a forum project continually growing and expanding in this thread.
I will try to keep up to date, but please bear with me if I do not.
Last Update 15/3/2003

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Q40 Help! I lost some files of the game.
Q42 What is the relationship between CtP1/2 and Civ1/2/3?
Q46 How can I change the background music?
Q47 How do I prevent the skipping of music tracks?
Q50 Where can I find old CtP2-related news?
Q52 What cheats and easter eggs exist in CtP2?

Q40: I've been playing around with the files and accidently made some changes to the original gamefiles without making backups. Now I'd like the original files back, how do I do this?

A40: All the files of the game are in a ZIP file on your CD. However, this file doesn't have a *.zip extention, so it's probably not recognized by your unzip utility. What you need to do is open your unzip utility and then select 'open archive' or a similar option from the file menu. Then (assuming your CD-drive is drive D:) browse to D:\Setup\data and open either civmain.ctp or civlang.ctp. Files from the default folder can be found in civmain.ctp, files from the language folders (english/german/spanish/etc gamefolder) in civlang.ctp. Once the archive is opened you can extract the files like you ordinarily would.

Q42: What is the relationship between CtP1/2 on the one hand and Civ1/2/3 on the other hand.

A42: Short answer: there is no relationship, except that they are similar types of games and share a name (CtP1's full name is Civilization: Call to Power).
Long answer:
here is a thread that discusses the exact relationship and history between these game in somewhat more detail.

Q46: After a few thousand hours worth of play, the music of the game is getting old. Can I get different music for the game?

A46: Yes, you can. Once the game has started (or immideately, if you're using a no-CD hack), replace your CtP2 CD with your own music CD. If necessary, use the Esc button to turn the music on again and the game will play the music on that other CD. You can also disable the music in the game and play your own MP3s or other music files with MediaPlayer, RealPlayer, WinAmp or some other audio player.

Q47: When playing with my own CD, Call to Power II skips the first track. Can I fix this?

A47: Yes, you can fix this. Edit playlist.txt (in the folder ctp2_data/default/gamedata) to include track '0'. Don't do this if your CD has both data AND music on it though (as is the case with the regular CtP2 CD), as the data is stored on the first track; if it's played, this could result in damage to your boxes, especially if you're using an older sound system (my own system seems to be able to handle it, but that's no guarantee for other systems). Note that with this change, the track titles in the track selection screen of the game won't be much use: track 1 in that list will be track 2 of the CD. But the 'random order' option *will* certainly work (thanks to Maquiladora for noting this).
If you're having other sound problems (same track being repeated all the time, certain tracks being skipped), editing this file might also help solve them.

Q50: I want to see the news on CtP2 from last month and way back to 2000 is there anyway i can do this?

A50: Yes, go to to view the news archive for Call to Power 2

Q52: Are there any official cheats for CtP2?

A52: Yes! If you enter the leader name "Leemur", you get a million gold and a million public works. There's also a 1/100 chance that the very first time you open the Great Library, the words "lemur poo" will appear in the search text line.