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CtP2 FAQ v3ish
This is a forum project continually growing and expanding in this thread.
I will try to keep up to date, but please bear with me if I do not.
Last Update 15/3/2003

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Complete FAQ list

Q03 What's with all the mods?
Q05 What is ModSwapper?
Q18 What do I need to play the CTP2 mods?
Q19 Are mods really needed?
Q30 Help! ModSwapper won't install.
Q30a Help! ModSwapper won't install. (Addendum for XP/NT)
Q31 I have a non-English version of the game and a problem with mods.
Q48 Where can I download/upload mods?
Q49 Where can I download MedMod?

Q3: Whats with all the mods?

A3: Basically, CtP2 out of the box is, in the opinions of almost everyone, rubbish. The patch goes some way to improve this, but not enough, so various people set about altering gamefiles and adding SLIC code to improve the level of gameplay. These are mods.
The three major (and most popular) mods are these:

The Apolyton Pack for CtP2
The MedMod II v2.0 - Crusade!
Cradle Of Civilization (now version 3.5)
World At War (1901 - 1950 AD)

Changes are too many to include here, see the relevant threads for more details.

Q5: What is ModSwapper?

A5:ModSwapper is a program that allows a player to easily switch between different mods (eg. MedMod2 and Cradle) so they can play different mods without messing around with the gamefiles manually - download it

Q18: What do I need to play the CTP2 mods?

A18: After installing CtP2 in your PC you need to download two files before start playing the mods. The CtP2 patch first. Then the modswapper. This two files can be found in the Apolyton CTP2 databases and are prerequisites to all current mods.

Q19: Are mods really needed?

A19: CTP2 is completely playable although it has many imbalances and problems which aren't totally fixed by the Activision Official Patch. Thats is why mods are so spoken of amongst the online CTP2 community, a the main reason behind this site's existence. But if you just want to have fun with CTP2 not been worried by big changes in the game download the Super Apolyton Pack v2 which is the ultimate 'patch' for CTP2. You can find its thread in the CTP2 creation forum.
PS: CTP2 does not require mods. Many had fun playing it right out of the box.

Q30: Help I can't install ModSwapper. Is it possible to install a mod without ModSwapper?

A30:Of course. Here is the answer, basically it is just replacing 3 files:

  1. After unzipping all the mod files into the right folder: Go to your ..\ctp2_data\default\gamedata folder. There you will find files called XXX_gamefile.txt. Every mod setup has a differnt prefix instead of the XXX.
  2. Open such a XXX_gamefile.txt with an editor of your choice. (e.g. notepad)
  3. Check the last lines of that file that will tell you the name of the mod setup.
  4. If you explored all the XXX_gamefile.txt's and you selected one of the setups. Search for a gamefile.txt without the prefix rename it to whatever you like. (e.g. ORI_gamefile.txt for origianal gamefile.txt)
  5. Reneame the XXX_gamefile.txt of your setup to gamefile.txt.
  6. Replace origianal newsprite.txt and Great_Library.txt (can be found in your ..\ctp2_data\english\gamedata folder) as you did it with the gamefile.txt. Note the names of the according files are listed in the last lines of your XXX_gamefile.txt.
  7. Afterwards you replaced the tree files with the according mod-files you are now ready to lunch CTP2 with the mod.
So now I explained you how ModSwapper basically work. Yeah it is easy instead of renaming every file. That is the power of a gamefile list.

Q30a: Help! ModSwapper won't install.

  • You use Windows XP/NT
  • Using a non-administrator level user-account
  • While trying to install modswapper, generated error: file not found (e.g. ctp2_data\default\gamedata\gamefile.txt).
  • NOTE: You need to log on with an administrator level user-account (XP: not power-user) to perform the following...
  • Uninstall CTP2.
  • Reinstall CTP2.
  • Install patch.
  • Install modswapper.
Reason: During installation, CTP2 creates "sensitive" registry keys that require administration level clearance. Both the patch and modswapper use those keys.
You do not require administrator level account to install mods, only modswapper.
To "completely" uninstall CTP after this, log-on as administrator, otherwise those "sensitive" keys will stay there.

Q31: I downloaded a mod. Unfortunatly my CTP2 version is not in English language. Now I get a bunch of error messages if I try to run the mod. How can I fix it?

A31 As you have a non English version there are some files not in the correct folder. To solve this problem go to the ..\ctp2_data\english\gamedata\ folder and copy or move all files of the according mod to the according folder of your language. Another folder to check out is the ..\ctp2_data\english\uidata\layouts\ folder. These file here are not essential, but they improve the user interface a little bit.

Edit: As the solution will result a mod with mixed language, if you don't like it or you have some other trouble to get this to work
here is another solution to the problem.

Q48: I want to download Maps,Scenarios, Mods, new Units, new Tile Improvements (TI's) and maybe even have ago at modding myself. But I cant find them anywhere? Are there any?

A48: Yes there is all that and more

Q49: I cant find the MM2 (Medieval Mod 2) that I have heard so much about. Its not in the CtP2 Files section, where is it?

A49: WesW the creator of the mod has his own site where you can download it from
Update: the file is now available in the Apolyton Directory as well, get it here (make sure you download both files).