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CtP2 FAQ v3ish
This is a forum project continually growing and expanding in this thread.
I will try to keep up to date, but please bear with me if I do not.
Last Update 15/3/2003

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Q22 How can I play PBEM/Hotseat games?
Q23 Why can't I enter the lobby and is there only one server available?
Q26 How do I prevent loosing human players after resynchs?
Q32 How do I play scenarios in a multiplayer game?
Q35 How do I minimize resychs in MP games?
Q36 What is the "Infinite Build Cheat"?
Q57 How can I set up my own MP server?
Q58 Help! I get a message that I should dial in but I'm using cable/xDSL.
Q63 Why does my Multiplayer save game sometimes get corrupted and crash?
Q64 When I reload in MP the game sometimes resynchs every turn, for a few turns.

Q22: I can't find the PBEM and Hotseat options anywhere. Have these been removed (they were included in CtP1)?

A22: They haven't been removed but they have been disabled. There were too many problems with them for CtP2 and the Activision programmers didn't have enough time to fix these problems before release, so they disabled these features. You can reactivate them though. To do this, open the file ctp2_data\english\uidata\layouts\spnewgame.ldl in a text editor (e.g. Notepad). Look for the numbers -490 (there should be 2 occurences, one in line 87 and one in 94) and change them to 490 (i.e. remove the minus sign). Save the file (and make a backup of the original, just to be safe). If you now start CtP2 the start-up screen will have 2 extra buttons, surprisingly called 'Hotseat Game' and 'Email Game'. Of course, these features weren't disabled without reason so noone can give you any guarantee that they are bug-free. However, experience showed that they overall work very well. The only major problem is that you can't have diplomatic negotiations with other human players, but this is a problem which modmakers (Locutus, to be precise) are
working on.

Q23: If I want to start a MP game I can't enter the lobby. And why is there only one server on the list of servers available?

A23: These are bugs caused by a defect servers.dat. It can be found in your ..\ctp2_program\ctp\ folder. So you have to replace this file by a intact one. To get one use one of these links here is one located on
Martin Güehmann's webpage and mirrored on CtP2 Modmaker's Depot.

Q26: I keep losing human players from my network game and when it resyncs their empire is taken over by an AI!

A26: In the options for setup of a multiplayer LAN game select 'Dynamic rejoin', this way if you lose anyone they can rejoin on their next go... It is possible to get the best civ-type LAN game out of CTPII! really!

Q32: How do I play scenerios in a multiplayer game?

A32: Just save the game during single player mode and then move the saved game file from the single player saved game folder in to the multiplayer saved game folder. The simple launch the saved game as normal.

Q35: How do I minimize resychs in MP games?

A35: There are several things you can do to minimize resynchs:
  1. both you and the other players should close all other applications.
  2. make sure the person with the best ping, most memory, & fastest CPU hosts.
  3. make sure you;re playing on a patched version of the game.
  4. make sure you play on a server that has a good ping rate for all of the players.
  5. make sure the server isn't over loaded with other games.
If your computer is unstable and continues to crash then reboot the system as this will most often fix the problem. If the resynching STILL continues then there is either a lack of resources on someones machine or the other player is using the inifinite builds cheat. The cheat will cause the game to continually resynch because every time the cheater suddenly gets something new the other computers will think it is missing part of the game and will try to resynch.

Q36: What is the "Infinite Builds Cheat"?

A36: The Infinite builds cheat (IBC) allows unscupulous players to build anything they want in just one turn be it wonders, units, or city improvements. Members of the Apolyton community are currently working on a fix for this cheat so it should be fixed shortly. You can tell that someone is using the cheat because the game will begin to resynch constently and your opponents graph will begin to grow at an unbelievably fast rate.

Q57: I want to play on the Internet but there are no servers... And I have enough time and resources to set up my own multiplayer server for evryone else. How do I do it?

A57: You find some answers
here. The source code of the hosting program has actually been released by activision.

Q58: I'm using cable Internet and when I start multiplayer and select Internet I get a message from CtP2 saying that I first have to dial in. How do I fix this?

A58: Go to either Internet Explorer or Configuration Screen, select Internet Options, go to the tab Connections, click LAN Settings and make sure the 'Auto detect settings' option is selected (the exact names may be slightly different depending your OS/IE version/language).

Q63: Why does my Multiplayer save game sometimes get corrupted and wont re-load and crash when we try to resume?

A63 One possible reason for this is because when you saved the Multiplayer game a player is terraforming on a tile. To avoid this bug DONT save a Multiplayer game (that you plan to load later) when anyone is terraforming.

Q64: Sometimes when i reload in multiplayer the game will resynch EVERY turn, for a few turns.

A64 This is because a player was building a tile improvement when the game was saved, and the game will resynch until the tile improvement is finished next time you load the game. Dont save the multiplayer game when someone is in the middle of terraforming or building a tile improvement.