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CtP2 FAQ v3ish
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Last Update 15/3/2003

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Tile Improvements
Q11 How can I place Tile Improvements?
Q12 What are Public Works?
Q13 Why I need PW?
Q14 Why is the PW system better than the settler/worker system?
Q15 Which TI(s) can be placed outside my borders?
Q41 Where can I change how the city radius is worked?
Q45 Can I place Tile Improvements inside other civs' borders?

Q11: How can I place Tile Improvements (Terrain Improvements) like roads, farms, mines...?

A11: On the control panel you find a Tile button. That leads you to the TI's boxes. There are four types of TI's available (of course if you have the necessary advances). These types are Land, Sea, Structure and Terraforming.

Q12: What is Public Works?

A12: PW are a certain amount of the total production of your Civ. How much PW you get depends on your empire/production size and of course on your PW tax setting. Settings between 0% and 100% are possible. For me 20-30% is a good setting.

Q13: Why do I need PW?

A13: You need PW to improve the surrounding of your cities, as every TI costs a certain amount of PW. Of course the prize and contruction time depents on the type and how modern a TI is.

Q14: Why is the PW system so much better than this settler/worker system of Civ1/2/3?

A14: The PW system is superior as it doesn't depents on units, especially in games with huge empires it is a pain if you want to develop your empire well and you have to do it with 200 settlers. That slows down the game a lot as you have to move these units, and then give them orders to build this and that.

Q15: Is that possible that I can place TI's outside of the borders of my empire?

A15: Of course; there is a TI improvement that can be placed outside of your borders. The fortress can be placed everywhere as long the terrain tile where you wish to place it is in the vision range of one of your units.

Q41: In CtP1/Civ2/Civ3 I always managed which part of the city radius was worked in the city screen, but I can't find where to do this CtP2. Can I still do this?

A41: No, in CtP2 all workers work all tiles within a certain ring, but each worker collects only a small portion of all the resources in this tile. The best way to control a city's production is with specialists (in the City Screen, F3-key) or with sliders (in the Empire Manager, F1-key). See
Q27 (and especially the links mentioned there) for more info.

Q45: Is it possible to place tile improvements in territory owned by other players?

A45: In general it is not possible to do this (at least in the original game and in all the mods that are until now released. (15-03-2003)) To do this you need an alliance with the civ that owns the land on which you wish to place the tile improvement.