Way Of
    The Wombat
SLIC as an events-driven language

A quick guide by The Immortal Wombat.
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This guide is probably only useful to some people, others will find it positively unhelpful. Some parts are less well explained. Also, I am very bad at explaining things really really simply, whereas Locutus works on a help desk... so his SLIC guide here is probably better at explaining the mechanics of it. However, I think (hope) this guide is useful as explaining a slightly different approach to writing SLIC.

1.0 Intro
 1.1 Stuff
2.0 Handlers
 2.1 Events as Handler Triggers
 2.2 Structure of Handlers
 2.3 Example Code
3.0 Variables
 3.1 Defining variables
 3.2 Built-in variables
 3.3 Use of variables in functions
4.0 Loops: if, for, while
 4.1 Boolean Logic
 4.2 If, Elseif, and Else Statements
 4.3 For Loops
 4.4 While Loops
5.0 Functions
 5.1 Example Function Code
 5.2 Nested functions
 5.3 User-made functions
 5.4 Function-Based Coding
 5.5 Events as Functions
6.0 Messageboxes
7.0 mod_* functions
8.0 End Note