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SLIC as an events-driven language

A quick guide by The Immortal Wombat.
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8.0 End Note As I said at the beginning, this is not necessarily a good way to learn SLIC, but it is in theory the way I learned.

In actuality, I learned by doing. Hack as much code from other places as you can. Some of the functions are buggy, some don't work, some have limitations. Read around the Apolyton Mods forum right back to the beginning, and download everything you can. (If you can understand BlueO's city expansion then you're there!) Read as much SLIC as you can, and try to figure out why their code works. If yours doesn't, try for a workaround, model your code on other people's, and start a help thread in the forum, we the SLICers will help, because we all had difficulties to start with.
  • Before you code, have an idea of your method.
  • Work though the method, be flexible, and willing to mix methods to get a result.
  • The best debugger is the game itself. Put DebugSlic to Yes in userprofile.txt to get rid of errors.
  • Alt-Tab out, fix the bug, and /reloadslic. Repeat ad nauseum
  • When it goes right, no matter how clumsy it looks in relation to other code, its a great feeling.
  • And have fun!
Ben Weaver (aka The Immortal Wombat)
SLIC Guide v1.3
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