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AE Modding Wiki : Database : CityStyleOnly

Text file: Units.txt, Building.txt, Wonder.txt

How Used: Flag; add text CityStyleOnly and the Citystyle found in civilisation.txt

Game Function: CityStyleOnly restricts what kind of City can build units, buildings, and wonders. This is to make cities of a certain culture group the ability to produce unique units (like Legions for Roman Citystyle cities). With this flag only Cities with that citystyle can build this unit (or etc). You can list multiple citystylesonly styles in order to exclude certain city types. An example could be used in the alexander mod (if someone implements it). In this case you could have Phalanxes only built in greek cities so alexander would have to build his alexandrias across asia in ordert o raise future armies. Likewise if alexander conquers persian cities than you can do a mix of citystyleonly and cultureonly and allowthose persian cities to build the Successors, the infamous young Persians trained in Macedonian drill that angered his generals.

Mods Implemented: civ3mod by E pending. to replace warrior with African warrior, asian warrior etc.

Similar code: CultureOnly?, GovernmentOnly?

Implemented by: E

Page last modified on May 22, 2009, at 03:03 AM
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