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AE Modding Wiki : Database : DeniedToEnemy

Text file: Tileimp.txt

How Used: Flag; add text DeniedToEnemy to Tile Imp (NOT in the effect area)

Game Function: DeniedToEnemy affects the movebonus tileimps give and takes it away from the enemy. For example, railroads have a MoveCost of 20 meaning you can move 5 spaces on a railroad for every 100 movement points. You can do this in your territory and with players you are not at war with. Once you are at war with that player, the DeniedToEnemy flag ignores the railroad MoveCost and your movements cost what the base terrain is.

Mods Implemented: Civ3mod by E. railroads are DeniedToEnemy, but roads are not. So if you are at war with someone having railroads will allow you to move faster to resupply but will not support the enemy's advance. Likewise with your own invasion.

Similar code: MoveBonus

Implemented by: E (rev561)

Page last modified on May 22, 2009, at 03:30 AM
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