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AE Modding Wiki : Database : NeedsGoodAnyCity

Text file: Units.txt, Building.txt, Wonder.txt, Advance.txt

How Used: Flag; add text NeedsGoodAnyCity and the good name found in terrain.txt or goods.txt

Game Function: Strategic Resources! I probably don't need to say more but a bit of a difference than Civ3 here. If a city is collecting a resource in its radius or buying it from trade than a unit that needs that resource can be build in Any City of your empire. But if you are collecting that resource and sell it to another civ, you cannot build that unit (unless you are collecting or buying one elsewhere).

UPDATE! Advances can now require resources! Similar to previous use, just add NeedsCityGoodAnyCity to the advance of choice. it just allows for the populating of the can research list though. So if you discover and advance and the choices pop up, if you have the good at that time then you can research the correlating advance that needs a good. if you sell the advance after that and decide to switch or continue researching it won't be affected. in short, if you have the needed good when are about to get the list of choices then you can research it, else you cant.

Mods Implemented: Civ3mod by E. Horsemen, Cavalry, Knights need the good Horse. Elephant Warrior requires the elephant good.

Similar code: NeedsCityGood, NeedsCityGoodAll

Implemented by: E

Page last modified on May 22, 2009, at 03:07 AM
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