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AE Modding Wiki : Database : NoAIGoldDeficit

Text file: DiffDB.txt

How Used: Flag; add text NoAIGoldDeficit to any level in the DiffDB.txt

How it Works: This flag gives the AI cities a cheat where if they run negative into the gold it is automatically set to zero (0). This way they have reserve gold especially if you used with flags that drain a cities gold production.

Mods Implemented: Civ3mod by E. Palaces/Capitols have a -2 gold per city cost, so you r capitol tends to go into debt quickly. So in this case its a gold problem for the Himan not the AI

Similar code: NoAIProductionDeficit

Implemented by: E (updated by Martin) as of Revision 571

Page last modified on May 22, 2009, at 03:01 AM
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