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AE Modding Wiki : Database : RevoltInsurgents

as of Revision 655

txt: DiffDB.txt

Implement - add line to the apropriate difficulty level 'RevoltInsurgents?'

Gameplay - If a city is rioting then there is a chance that the riot will spawn barbarians. This chance iis based on your barbarian risk settings. This chance also increases if the city was founded by someone else and/or if the city has a different citystyle. Essentially this flag is to allow for partisans to appear when you capture a city (risk dependent) but also to create rioting barbarians if you city riots (again risk dependent)

Future Development - add modifiers for advances, governments, and to make barb cities spawn barbarians (a failed state situation)

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Page last modified on May 22, 2009, at 01:47 AM
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