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AE Modding Wiki : Database : SneakAttack

Sneak Attack

Text file: Units.txt

How Used: Flag; just add text SneakAttack (no value follows)

Game Function: Based on 'Hidden Nationality' of Civ3, Sneak Attack allows a unit to attack without war being declared. Units with sneak attack do not initiate hostilities and if they are destroyed by an attacker, war is NOT initiated either. However if stacked with non-sneak attack units than war is declared. Unlike Hidden Nationality, you will see the flag of these units and know who owns them.

Mods Implemented: Civ3mod by E. Slavers have SneakAttack so you can destroy them without war. Privateers, Guerrillas, and Special Forces also have this flag.

Similar code: SneakBombard, SneakPillage?.

Implemented by: E

Page last modified on May 22, 2009, at 04:24 AM
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