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AE Modding Wiki : Functions : KillCity

New SLIC function: KillCity(): Obviously kills population until the city is dead. Less obviously only works in messages, where the city is given from the context.

SFN_ERROR Slic_KillCity::Call(SlicArgList *args)
    if (args->Count() > 0)
        return SFN_ERROR_NUM_ARGS;

	Unit city = g_slicEngine->GetContext()->GetCity(0);
	if (!city.IsValid()) 
		return SFN_ERROR_OK;

	if(!city.GetData()->GetCityData()->CapturedThisTurn()) {
		if(g_network.IsClient()) {
		return SFN_ERROR_OK;

	if(g_network.IsClient()) {
		g_network.SendAction(new NetAction(NET_ACTION_FREE_SLAVES, city.m_id));
	CityData *cd = city.GetData()->GetCityData();
	sint32 PCount = cd->PopCount();

    return SFN_ERROR_OK;
Page last modified on June 11, 2009, at 02:26 PM
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