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Modding Resources : SLIC Resources


EditPlus EditPlus A text editor providing syntax-highliting for SLIC in combination with the according definition files Download here Author/Manufacturer: ES-Computing Apolyton-thread
EditPlus SLIC definitions EditPlus SLIC definitions These files allow full SLIC-support (color coding, auto completion, cliptext window) in EditPlus Download here Author/Manufacturer: Locutus Apolyton-thread
EditPlus SLIC definitions for CTP2 AE EditPlus SLIC definitions for CTP2 AE Updated SLIC definitions with new functions and variables for the Apolyton Edition. New definitions for database files. Download here Author/Manufacturer: BureauBert Apolyton-thread
SLIC Kung Fu: The Complete Guide to SLIC SLIC Kung Fu: The Complete Guide to SLIC A complete guide to SLIC - comes as a PDF file. Download here Author/Manufacturer: ahenobarb
SLIC Template Processor SLIC Template Processor A program to process templates intended to duplicate sections of SLIC code Download here Author/Manufacturer: J Bytheway Apolyton-thread

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