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SLIC-Reference : : MovePathOrder  

Arguments: army, location

Give a move order to an army, creates a new path

You should expect that you give the MovePathOrder and the army moves along the given path until it reaches the end of the path - that doesn't work. The only purpose of an order event is to tell an army to do something on the next occasion. And if the AI thinks in the meanwhile that the orders are not good then it changes the orders. Instead of just giving orders you have to call the events that actual do you want to be done (Martin Gühmann). Instead of using these move order events use the MoveArmy event, and before this event use the ClearOrders event to clear all previous given orders (Martin Gühmann). Alternatively, adding the BeginTurnExecute-event to the MovePathOrder-event seems to help in the sense that it makes overriding of the order by the internal army tasking less likely. (BureauBert).

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More information available at Apolyton here and here

Information last updated by BureauBert on 13.07.2004

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