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SLIC-Reference : Events : Armies : Special Attacks


- CTP1 - messages only
- CTP2 - can be triggered (events)
- CTP2 Apolyton Edition  
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AdvertiseOrder (army, location)   Army advertises
AssassinateRulerOrder (army, location)   Army assasinates a ruler
BioInfectOrder (army, location)   Army bio infects
CleanupUprising (army, city)   Really finish a slave uprising
CloakOrder (army)   Army cloaks
ConvertCityOrder (army, location)   Army converts a city
CreateParkOrder (army, location)   Army creates a park
CreateRiftOrder (army, location)   Army creates a rift
DisplayInvestigationWindow (unit, city)   Display the investigate city window
EnslaveSettlerOrder (army, location)   Army enslaves a settler
FinishUprising (city, army, int)   Finish a slave uprising
FranchiseOrder (army, location)   Army franchises
InciteRevolutionOrder (army, location)   Army incites a revolution
InciteUprisingOrder (army, location)   Army incites slave uprising
InjoinOrder (army, location)   Army injoins
InvestigateCityOrder (army, location)   Army investigates city
InvestigateReadinessOrder (army, location)   Army investigates readiness
Lawsuit (army, unit, location)   Sue an army
NanoInfectOrder (army, location)   Army nano infects
PillageOrder (army)     Army pillages Apolyton-thread
PirateOrder (army)     Army dons an eyepatch and parrot and plunders a trade route Apolyton-thread
PlagueOrder (army, location)   Army inflicts a plague
ReformCityOrder (army)   Army reforms a city
RustleOrder (army, location)   Army rustles
SellIndulgencesOrder (army, location)   Army sells indulgences
SlaveRaidOrder (army, location)   Army slave raids
SoothsayOrder (army, location)   Army says sooth. "Sooth!" says Army, "Sooth!"
StealTechnologyOrder (army, location)   Army steals technology
SueFranchiseOrder (army)   Army sues franchise
SueOrder (army, location)   Army sues
UncloakOrder (army)   Army uncloaks
UndergroundRailwayOrder (army, location)   Army frees slaves

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