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SLIC-Reference : Events : Players & Turns : Diplomacy


- CTP1 - messages only
- CTP2 - can be triggered (events)
- CTP2 Apolyton Edition  
  - tested
- broken, obsolete - working

Accept (int_player, int_player)   A proposal has been accepted
BeginTurnAgreements (int_player)   Begin player diplomatic agreements phase
BorderIncursion (int_player, int_player)   Occurs when army first crosses foreign border
BorderPullout (int_player, int_player)   Occurs when army leaves foreign border
ComputeMotivations (int_player)   Determine fears and desires
ContactMade (int_player, int_player)   Contact between two players established
ContinueDiplomacy (int_player, int_player)   Decide if sender should make a new proposal
Counter (int_player, int_player)   A proposal has been countered
DesireMotivation (int_player, int_player, int)   Find new proposal for desire motivation
EstablishEmbassy (int_player, int_player)   Actually establish an embassy
FearMotivation (int_player, int_player, int)   Find new proposal for fear motivation
GiveCity (city, int_player)   Give a city to a foreign player
GiveMap (int_player, int_player)   Give map from first player to second player
InitDiplomaticState (int_player, int_player)   Initialize Diplomatic state
NewNegotiationEvent (int_player, int_player)   A new negotiation history event has been added
NewProposal (int_player, int_player)         A new proposal has been made Apolyton-thread
NewProposalReady (int_player, int_player)   Notify world that a new proposal is ready
NextDiplomaticState (int_player, int_player)   Determine next diplomatic state Apolyton-thread
PlayerPatience (int_player)   Begin player patience
ProposalResponse (player, player)   A proposal response is being considered
ReactionMotivation (int_player, int_player)   Find new proposals motivated as reactions to game events
Reject (int_player, int_player)   A proposal has been rejected
ResponseReady (int_player, int_player)   Notify world that a diplomatic response is ready
ResumeEmailAndHotSeatDiplomacy (player)   Continues human to human diplomacy in Email and HotSeat mode
StartNegotiations (int_player)   After computing motivations, select new proposals
Threaten (int_player, int_player)   A player has been threatened
ThrowParty (int_player, int_player)   Actually throw a party
ToggleInitiative (int_player, int_player)   Initiative passes to party currently without initiative

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