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SLIC-Reference : Functions : Current Game : Information


- CTP1 - messages only
- CTP2 - can be triggered (events)
- CTP2 Apolyton Edition  
  - tested
- broken, obsolete - working

GetCurrentRound int       Returns the current round
GetCurrentYear   Returns the current year
GetRevolutionLevel int   Returns the REVOLUTION_LEVEL set in const.txt
GetRiotLevel int   Returns the RIOT_LEVEL set in const.txt
GetRoundsToNextDisaster int   Returns the no. of turns to the next ozone or flood event given the current global pollution-level
Preference (prefname) int       Read the value of the given preference (from userprofile.txt/profile.txt). E.G. Preference("Pollution") will return 1 if pollution is enabled for this game, 0 otherwise

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