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SLIC-Reference : Functions : Players : Action


- CTP1 - messages only
- CTP2 - can be triggered (events)
- CTP2 Apolyton Edition  
  - tested
- broken, obsolete - working

AddFeat (player, feature) void   Gives the player the specified feature
AddGold (player, amount) void       Give amount gold to player. Negative amounts subtract gold
AddPW (int_player, int_amount) void   Gives int_amount PW to int_player
AttachRobot (index) void   Cause the given player to be taken over by an AI player Apolyton-thread
DetachRobot (index) void   Turn the AI off for the given player Apolyton-thread
DisableChooseResearch void   Disables the choose research dialog when the advance being researched is acquired
EnableChooseResearch void   Reenables the choose research dialog
GameOver (player, reason) int   End the game for the given player
GrantAdvance (player, advance[, reason]) void       Give the player the advance specified
NetworkAccept (player) void   Not documented by Activision
NetworkEject (player) void   Not documented by Activision
RemoveAdvance (player, advance) void       Remove the advance from the player
Research void   Makes the player start researching an advance - only works in messages where the advance in question is given from the context
SetGovernment (index) void     Set the recipient's government to the given type
SetPW (player, pw) void       Set the player's public works to pw
SetResearching (player, what) void   Set the player to research what
SetScience (player, level) void     Set the player's science level to level Apolyton-thread

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