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SLIC-Reference : : CreateWonder  

Arguments: city, wonder Type: void

Creates a wonder of the specified type in the city.

The advantage of using the CreateWonder function rather than the event is that the function will not clear stored production, and the wonder movie will not be triggered.

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// Authored   : Maq
// Name       : Slic_CreateWonder
// Description: Function to create a wonder in a city.
// Parameters : SlicArg 0: city
//		SlicArg 1: wonderdb index
// Globals    : -
// Returns    : SFN_ERROR		: execution result
SFN_ERROR Slic_CreateWonder::Call(SlicArgList *args)
	if (args->Count() != 2) {

	Unit city;
	sint32 type;
	if(!args->GetCity(0, city)) {

	if(!args->GetInt(1, type))

	if(!g_theUnitPool->IsValid(city)) {
		return SFN_ERROR_OK;

	if(type < 0 || type >= g_theWonderDB->NumRecords())

	return SFN_ERROR_OK;


Author: Maq

Information last updated by Maquiladora on 17.07.2009

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