SLIC-Reference : Variables (Alphabetical List)
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SLIC-Reference : Variables (Alphabetical List)

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- CTP1 - messages only
- CTP2 - can be triggered (events)
- CTP2 Apolyton Edition  
  - tested
- broken, obsolete - working str   a synonym for action.text
action.text str   the text of this action str   the advance's name
advance.type int   the AdvanceDB index
army.location location       the army's location
army.owner player       the army's owner
army.size int       the number of units in the army str   the building's name
building.type int   the BuildingDB index
city.building str   a string of what the city is building
city.buildingtime int   how long until the city completes whatever it's building
city.buildqueuelength int   how many items are in the city's build queue
city.goldfromtraderouts int   how much gold the city got from trade routes this turn
city.happiness int   the city's happiness rounded to an integer
city.location location       the city's location str   the city's name
city.netcitygold int   how much gold the city produced this turn
city.owner player       the city's owner
city.population int   the city's population
g.last_player int   the last player, the player with the highest index in the game Apolyton-thread
g.max_player int   the maximum number of players that is in a game possible, currently it is 32 including the Barbarians Apolyton-thread
g.num_of_players int   the number of players in the current game Apolyton-thread
g.player player       the current player
g.year int       the current turn
g.year_str str   the current year in string form. Only useful in string replacements
gold.value int   an amount of gold str   the good's name
location.location location   in some cases, using a location variable directly as a location may fail, but you can always use location.location
location.x int   the location's x-coordinate
location.y int   the location's y-coordinate
player.armies int       number of armies the player owns city       the player's capital city
player.cities int       number of cities the player owns
player.civ_name_plural str  
player.civ_name_singular str  
player.country_name str  
player.government int       the player's government type (index from GovernmentDB) Apolyton-thread
player.govttype str       the player's government in string form Apolyton-thread
player.he str  
player.he_cap str  
player.him str  
player.him_cap str  
player.his str  
player.his_cap str  
player.largestcity city   the player's largest city
player.leader_name str  
player.leaderperonality str the player's personality in string form
player.militarystate str   the player's military state in string form, Only useful for string replacements
player.militaryunits int   number of military (attack greater than 0) the player owns
player.owner int       an integer version of the player Apolyton-thread
player.publicworkslevel int       the amount of public works stored
player.publicworkstax int       the player's public works tax setting
player.researching str   what advance the player is researching, in string form
player.sir str  
player.sir_cap str  
player.totalpollution int   total pollution produced by the player
player.totalpopulation int   total population of all cities owned by the player
player.units int   number of units the player owns
unit.hp int   the unit's remaining hit points
unit.location location   the unit's location str   the unit's name, only useful in string replacements Apolyton-thread
unit.owner int       the unit's owner
unit.type int       the unit's database index Apolyton-thread
unit.valid int   true if the unit still exists, false otherwise
unitrecord.attack int   the unit type's attack value
unitrecord.cost int   the production cost of the unit type
unitrecord.defense int   the unit type's defense value
unitrecord.movement int   the unit type's move points str   the unit type's name
unitrecord.ranged int   the unit type's ranged attack value
value.value int   events that have plain integer arguments pass their values through the value array str   the wonder's name
wonder.type int   the WonderDB index

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