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DB-Reference : DiplomacyProposal : DetailsWeak

Directory: calltopower2/ctp2_data/default/aidata

Proposal text to be used when the proposal is selected

Type: str Belongs to structure: PROPOSAL_*
Valid values: String ID from strings DB Belongs to substructure: Details0, Details1, Details2, Details3, Details4, DetailsEx0, DetailsEx1, DetailsEx2, DetailsEx3, DetailsEx4
Refers to textfile: dip2_str.txt Belongs to element:

- obsolete, unused  

Structure variables are: DetailsWeak, DetailsEven & DetailsStrong. NOTE: DetailsWeak and DetailsStrong were never used in CTP2 and may not work correctly.

Information last updated by BureauBert on 05.07.2004

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