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DB-Reference : : Personalities.txt

This file define the personality attributes for various personalities

The personality names are referenced from Strategies.txt.


  Exploration: Wide
  Expansion: Maximum
  Discovery: Diplomatic
  Conquest: Passive
  Trustworthiness: Lawful
  Alignment: Good


  ThreatFollowThrough 0.9


Alignment str Sets the willingness of the AI to attempt actions that would cause a regard loss
Conquest str Sets the desire to resolve disputes through war or diplomacy
Description str String of description string that is displayed in the Intelligence window
Discovery str Sets the default state for the Strategies
Expansion str Sets the rate the AI desires to expand its borders
Exploration str Sets the rate and distance the AI wants to explore
StrongGreeting str String of greeting message to be sent when stronger than an opponent
ThreatFollowThrough int Percent chance to follow through on threats
Trustworthiness str Sets the likelihood for the AI to break agreements
WeakGreeting str String of greeting message to be sent when weaker than an opponent

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