DB-Reference: CitySize0.txt
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DB-Reference : : CitySize0.txt

City Growth definitions - there are 6 files for 6 difficulty levels from CitySize0.txt to CitySize5.txt

BaseMaxPop int Maximum population of the city Apolyton-thread
BaseOvercrowding int Population level where overcrowding starts to take effect Apolyton-thread
GrowthRate int Value used in the growth rate calculations
IntRadius int Integer value of the radius of the area of influence for this city
MaxSurplusFood int Maximum amount of excess food to be used in growth calculations
MaxWorkers int Maximum number of workers needed to collect all resources from this size influence ring
MinGrowthRate int Value used in the starvation calculations
Population int Minimum population level for this size
SquaredRadius int Integer value of the squared radius of the area of influence for this city
VisionRadius int Floating point value of the vision radius of this city

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