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DB-Reference : : Feat.txt

Features definitions

This file defines the various Feats that can be accomplished in the game. There are two basic types of Feats and three custom Feats possible in the game. The basic Feats are first nation to discover an Advance and first nation to build X number of buildings. Any number of these basic Feats can be defined. The three custom Feats (FEAT_SAILED_AROUND_THE_WORLD, FEAT_CONQUERED_BY_FORCE and FEAT_CITY_RECAPTURED) are hard-coded in the game and must exist in the Feat.txt file. The conditions that trigger these Feats cannot be changed without changing the source code though their effects can be changed. New custom Feats can be created and logic for triggering them must be written in SLIC scripts. See the SLIC scripting documentation for more information on how SLIC scripts could be used to trigger Feats.

Building int Type of building that must be built to trigger this feature
CancelAdvance str Advances that can obsolete this Feat
CancelFeat str Feats that can obsolete this Feat
CancelWonder str Wonders that can obsolete this Feat
Description str Unused String ID
Duration int Amount of time, in turns, for this Feat to last
EffectBoatMovement int Amount to increase movement of naval vessels
EffectCityDefenseBonus int Amount to add to Defense attribute of units garrisoned within a city
EffectEliminateDistancePenalty int Amount to reduce Distance to Capital penalty
EffectGiveMaps str Gives all known maps
EffectIncreaseBoatVision int Amount to increase vision radius of naval vessels
EffectIncreaseCityVision int Amount to increase vision radius of cities
EffectIncreaseCommerce int Percentage to increase gold output
EffectIncreaseHappiness int Amount to raise Happiness in all cities
EffectIncreaseHitPoints int Amount to increase unit hit points
EffectIncreaseProduction int Percentage to increase production output
EffectIncreaseScience int Percentage to increase science output
EffectReduceCityWalls int Amount to reduce effectiveness of enemy City Walls
EffectScriptedCity str Name of SlicObject to be run on each city in the empire
EffectScriptedTurn str Name of SlicObject to be run each turn Feat is in effect
ExcludeAdvance str Advances that exclude this Feat
ExcludeFeat str Feats that exclude this Feat
ExcludeFunction str Name of SlicObject to exclude this Feat
ExcludeWonder str Wonders that exclude this Feat
MinimumSizeOfCiv int Minimum number of cities that must exist in nation for this feat to be accomplishable
Num int Number of buildings of the given type that must be built to trigger this feature
PercentCities int Percentage of cities that must contain the needed building to trigger this feature
SlicMessage str Name of SlicObject that defined the message box to be displayed when Feat is accomplished

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