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DB-Reference : : userprofile.txt

Contains two important entries specially for playing modded games, is not ModSwapable and needs to be edited manually.

AiOn str Turns the computer opponents on and off ?
AIPopCheat str
AlienEndGame str
AttackEveryone str
AutoCenter str Turns auto-centering on active/selected units/cities on or off
AutoEndMultiple str
AutoGroup str
AutoOpenCityWindow str
AutoRenameCities str
AutoSave str Turns the autosave function on or off.
AutoSelectFirstUnit str
AutoSelectNext str
AutoSwitchTabs str
AutoTurnCycle str
BattleSpeed int  
BounceMessage str Leftover from CTP1
CheatAge int  
CityBuiltMessage str
CityLostWarning str Turns messages warning of lost cities on or off.
CivIndex int  
CivName str The human single player's civilization name
CloseOnEyepoint str
CombatLog str
CTP2Mode str
DebugSlic str
Difficulty int   Sets the difficulty level from "beginner" (0) up to "impossible" (5).
DiplomacyLog str
DisplayBorders str
DisplayCities str
DisplayFilter str
DisplayTerrain str
DisplayTrade str
DisplayUnits str
DontKillMessages str
EnableLogs str
EndTurnSound str
EnemyIntrude str Turns messages warning about intruding enemy units on or off.
EnemyMoves str Turns the display of enemy moves on or off.
FullScreenMovies str
GameName str The name of the savegame directory
GameWatchDirectory Must be obsolete/unused as there is no default value.
Gender int   The human single player's gender: 0 = male, 1 = female
GoodAnim str Turns good animations on or off.
GoodCount int  
HomoDiverse int  
IslandContinent int  
LeaderName str The human single player's leader name
LeftHandedMouse str
LibraryAnim str Leftover from CTP1
LogPlayerStats str
MapPlugin0 str
MapPlugin1 str
MapPlugin2 str
MapPlugin3 str
MapSize int   Sets the map size: 0 - small, 1 - regular, 2 - huge, 3 - gigantic
MaxPlayers int   If Max Players > 0, revolts will add new civilizations up to MaxPlayers, otherwise they will only add civilizations when there are fewer than you started with
MessageAdvice str Possibly activates certain messages ?
MouseSpeed int  
MoveHoldTime int  
MusicVolume int   Music volume
NoHumansOnHost str
NonContinuousUnitCompleteMessages str
NonRandomCivs str Turns random civ selection on/off Apolyton-thread
NumPlayers int   The number of players
OceanLand int  
OldRegisterClick str
PlayerNumber int   Allows the selection of a player number other than 1 for the human single player?
Pollution str Turns pollution on or off.
Prophylaxis str
RequireCD str
RevoltWarning str Turns messages warning about revolting cities on or off.
RiskLevel int   Sets the barbarian risk from "only ruins" (0) up to "raging hordes" (3).
SaveNote str The note frome the last savegame
ScreenResHeight int  
ScreenResWidth int  
ScrollDelay int  
SfxVolume int   Sound effects volume
ShowCityInfluence str
ShowCityNames str
ShowEnemyHealth str
ShowExpensive str
ShowPoliticalBorders str
ShowTradeRoutes str
ShowZoomedCombat str
ThroneRoom str No throne room in CTP2
TradeAnim str Turns trade route animations on or off.
TradeLostWarning str Turns messages warning of lost trade routes on or off.
TryWindowsResolution str
TutorialAdvice str Possibly activates certain tutorial messages ?
UnitAnim str Turns unit animations on or off.
UnitCompleteMessages str
UnitLostWarning str Turns messages warning of lost units on or off.
UnitSpeed int  
UseAttackMessages str
UseDirectXBlitter str
UseFingerPrinting str
UseLeftClick str
UseMapPlugin str
UseNiceStart str Doesn't seem to do anything
UseRedbookAudio str
VoiceVolume int   Voice volume
WarmCold int  
WaterAnim str Turns water animations on or off.
WetDry int  
WonderMovies str Turns wonder movies on or off.
XWrap str Turns east-west wrapping of the map on or off.
YWrap str Turns north-south wrapping of the map on or off
ZoomedCombatAlways str

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