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A control for ICS? So if the biggest bummer about ICS is the 'free' square that gets worked thus giving the nasty tendancy for 2 size 1 cities being equal to 1 size 3 city in output and still being faster growing in pop then I ask this ... started by Gedrin
AI City Placement Is there anyway to instruct the AI to lay out its cities in a perfect pattern for one border bump? I really wish i could just see its map one time and see no borders overlap in a nice jigsaw effect, am i dreaming? started by Maquiladora
AI ICS A thread about the AI building and using settlers and other units started by Dale
Creating AI Superpowers I The idea is to breathe new life into a game where the human player is clearly winning. To achieve this we try to combine a number of the weaker civs to make new bigger ones ... started by Lou Wigman
Getting Civs to Surrender I've got this little handler that makes AI civs surrender rather than fighting to the last city ... started by Peter Triggs
Happy Buildings for AIs In CTP2 the AI doesn't build happiness building very well, therefore it will get some serious problems, in empire efficiency, growth and power ... started by Martin Gühmann
How borders should work Man, this game would be so much better if boarders really meant something. If I have a total alience with someone, 'ja think they might conisder it poor taste to sneak into my land, find a square that is 'technically' in my boarders but not claimed by a city, and settle there? started by Bluevoss
Superpowers - When and Why? Ok, so merging civs to form superpowers. What do you think? When would provide the most effective challenge to human dominance, bearing in mind this will only happen up to twice in a game. started by Immortal Wombat
Vassal / Tribute states? IMO it would be cool if you could 'vassilize' countries that are smaller and weaker than you and either totally fear you or love you ... started by Daftpanzer

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