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Modding Theory : CTP2 Ideas & Suggestions : AI Improvement : Strategies & Tactics


AI can use special units! A thread about tweaking goals.txt and strategies.txt started by Cube
AI Frenzy A thread about pros and cons of good old Frenzy script, alternative concepts - containing an improved version of frenzy.slc implementing diplomacy by Pedrunn started by SMIFFGIG
AI Frenzy Is it just me, or does the AIFrenzy code also effect diplomacy. I seem to remember the reason i stopped using it (in MM2 this was) was because diplomacy was almost deemed a pointless option ... started by SMIFFGIG
Frenzy AI revisited (v 2.1) A long time ago Pedrunn posted a revised version of "Frenzy AI". I did what I consider some additional tweaking (or messing up) the code and added another function: 'TaskOne: Recapture'. started by BureauBert
Frenzy Mod I have heard that the Frenzy Mod is supposed to help improve the AI's ability to wage war. Has anyone tried it. Does it work? started by a_bates
Idea for making the AI stronger A brief discussion about making the AI more flexible regarding the HUMAN strategy started by Gilgamensch
Naval combat I wanted to make several naval units behave as flankers ... started by XMon
Project: AI Unit Useage Script We have come up with a good working model for how the AI could perform in regards to army and naval movement. It's only in pseodocode form at present, but gives a 'plain-spoken' account of how the AI will work in this script. by Dale & Dave
The best AI combat SLIC handler ever I come up with an idea. I will do the best AI combat handler ever done for CTP2! So i decide to ask for help! started by Pedrunn
Thoughts on Cross Water Invasions Is it possible to create a new unit - a special version of the Troop Ship (available to the AI only) which would be fully loaded with five units the moment it was built - making the ship's cargo part of the unit itself? ... started by TheArsenal

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