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Modding Theory : CTP2 Ideas & Suggestions : Various Fixes and Improvements


Battleview Fix Fixes a couple of bugs in the battleview started by player1
CTP2 - fixmod Fixes a lot of bugs of the original game started by kaan
GUI Modification I recently undertook two little projects to fix some annoyances ... started by ahenobarb
How to make AI convert their terrain? AI has technology like "conservation" etc, with 200,000 points in public works and quarter million dollars too, but they never convert their terrain even there are obvious reasons to do so. It seems it's not AI unwilling to do that, but they just can't. So is it a bug we are talking here? started by WarLoard
Infrastructure SLIC This code fixes AI bug in which AI players, when trying to use Infrastructure or Capitalization, leave build queue empty. started by player1
Obsolete Unit Messages Is it possible to make this message appear when a unit gets obsolete like in CTP1? started by Pedrunn
Retreat option is just one big bug Well other than the fact the AI is unable to use the option granting the human play a stupidly big advantage. You can abuse the retreat system so easily ... started by SMIFFGIG
Rush Buy Bug In ctp2 , if you rush buy an item twice, once on your turn, and once on your opponents turn, come the next turn the second item in the queue will also be complete, without any cost ... started by Fuzzball
Sea City Bug Fix Beta As most people know after the research of nano-assemblies (the enabling advance of undersea tunnels) the the sea cities uses the graphics of land cities oppose to its repective graphic. I tested the fix and it is already a improvement over the current bug ... started by Pedrunn

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