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A Scenario That Lets You Colonise Mars ... nearly. The scenario is starting in 2024, with four civilisations sending a colony up to the surface of Mars to capture territory before the others can ... started by Immortal Wombat
American War of Independence I'm kicking around the idea of a scenario/mod covering the American War of Independence (Great Rebellion for you UK people) through the end of the war of 1812 ... started by Talwyn
Dawn of the new Millenium Its the dawn of a new millenium. America came out as the clear power of the 20th century, will it stay that way? The nations of Europe have formed a loose orginization known as the European Union ... started by kormer
Mars 2020 development thread Just to let everyone know that my Mars 2020 colonisation scenario is still being worked on ... started by Immortal Wombat
Modern day scenario A while back, not long after CTP2 came out I started a modern world scenario. Got it looking fairly nice, then with the whole "we aren't supporting this product fiasco" I became disgusted and have moved on to other things. Since then I have come back to the scenario several times ... started by kormer
OCC comes to CTP2 I just made a One City Challenge scenario. I suppose it is a little like Troll's gameplay setups, the human gets a settler, the AI gets as many as it can build - try to win. started by Immortal Wombat
Space Scenario My idea is to create a space scenario. Many already know my interest in space. It is about the rise and fall of civilizations. Alien Civilizations. started by Pedrunn
Waterworld Scenario I was thinking my first scenario could be an underwater scenario ... started by heardie

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