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Modding Theory : CTP2 Ideas and Suggestions : : WOTR / LOTR


Hex's new potential project - WOTR Having more or less completed my work on Cradle, I'm turning my attention to a possible new that has been kicked around a lot on this forum, but never has been realized ... started by hexagonian
Middle-Earth 'War of the Ring' Scenario 1.0 The Middle Eart 'War of the Ring' Scenario is now available for public play ... started by hexagonian
War of the Ring 1.1 Scenario You play as Gondor... There are a total of 4 setups - 2 with the ability to recapture cities, and 2 that will raze all cities that you capture. There are many events and ingame messages that relate to the world of Middle Earth. started by hexagonian

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