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C:CTP Release Party; March 30th, 1999

Note on the nicknames: in orange are the nicks of the members of the CTP team: William Westwater (Pinkbelly), Richard Myers (Azmel), Jason Feffer (Necro), Joe Rumsey(mrogre), Karl Meissner(tweaker), Jeff Matsushita(Toki), Cecilia Barajas(CMB), Stephanie O'Malley(Marley) and John Heinecke(LTJohn). In white is the operator, Markos Giannopoulos(MarkG) and the rest of the people who asked questions on the unmoderated part of the chat.

*** MarkG sets mode: +m
[Necro] AfterGlow: You cannot "buy/bribe" a city to join you, however, you can spend gold to incite a revolution in a foriegn city.
[MarkG] The channel is now moderated
[Necro] It's very difficult and expensive, which avoids the Civ2 cheese
[tweaker] all the governments can do it
[MarkG] only operators(me) and people of the development team can talk
[MarkG] you can send me questions with private messages
[Necro] Jerms: Any government can complete the Alien Life Project, which is one of 3 ways to win the game.
[MarkG] lets start with the names
[tweaker] some gernments are better at build some at war
[MarkG] Azmel?can you start
[Azmel] Sure, I'm Richard Myers and I worked on the AI, mostly behavioral stuff
[Pinkbelly] William Westwater, Lead Designer
[Necro] Jason Feffer, Game Designer.
[mrogre] Joe Rumsey, programmer
[tweaker] karl meissner ai programmer
[Toki] Jeff Matsushita, Associate Producer-- Localizations
[CMB] Cecilia Barajas, director
[Marley] Stephanie O'Malley, Associte Producer/Asset Manager
[MarkG] I think everyone answered...
[MarkG] Lets start with the hot question of the day: what's going with the map and scenario editors, as well as included maps and scenarios
[Necro] Answer formulating...
[Pinkbelly] We focused on the single player game -- random map. That's the heart of the game and we felt it deserved all of our attention.
[Pinkbelly] Now that we've really honed it, we're moving onto scenarios.
[CMB] However, we are putting up a map editor on line within days.
[Pinkbelly] The great thing about our design was how extensible it is. We already have the framework for great scenarios, we just need the sleep to create them.
[MarkG] along with the map editor will there be premade maps?
[MarkG] an earth map?
[Pinkbelly] You should see the map editor any time from our web site. For multiplayer games, this will add a lot of fun right away.
[Pinkbelly] Yes.
[Pinkbelly] How's it going Necro -- finished America?
[CMB] We are preparing an earth map which should be available soon.
[MarkG] how about the scenario editor?
[MarkG] what kind of scenarios will there be?
[Necro] America is just part of the world I'm making...it looks something like Earth ;)
[CMB] We are going to be working soon on scenarios and hope to be able to provide them in the near future.'
[Pinkbelly] The scenario editor is next after the map editor.
[Pinkbelly] In house though, we're already working on scenarios. No promise on any dates though, I'm afraid.
[CMB] People are taking a some vacation days (what a concept!) so it may take a little while for the scenarios.
[MarkG] well, if we you have the editor ready, we wont you making any :)
[Pinkbelly] Huh?
[Necro] You will be able to make scenarios to share online with others for both single/multiplayer
[MarkG] the fans will start making scenarios, therefore...
[Pinkbelly] We you are happy sad.
[MarkG] Speaking of scenarios...
[Pinkbelly] The fans are usually the most inspired designers out there. We love em.
[Pinkbelly] Again?
[Necro] I know some, like Icedan, will enjoy that
[MarkG] Is there a scripting language or somthing like that?
[Pinkbelly] There is a very powerful scripting language.
[MarkG] can you be more specific?
[MarkG] what kind of events can you have?
[MarkG] also something about the map editor
[MarkG] [AfterGlow] In Civ2 the random map generator was just that - there would be a few squares of swamp or mountain or something but no real mountain ranges or large deserts etc. Has this been addressed in CTPs RMG?
[Necro] Yes. THere is a concerted effort to allow for homogenous or diverse terrain. That is adjustable in the settings
[tweaker] there are several parameters that can be set in the map gerator
[Pinkbelly] The ranodm map generator has a lot of power and gives very earthlike worlds to very strange, permutations of land or water.
[Pinkbelly] You can play water world or dune for instance.
[Necro] You just can't play Dune2, that's another game.
[Pinkbelly] And you can't see the movie waterworld.
[MarkG] a big question is also modification...
[MarkG] there's a lot of text files
[MarkG] and we're happy with it!
[MarkG] but what about graphics?
[Pinkbelly] The whole game is defined through text files... you can change just about anything and even make new Wonders.
[tweaker] a lot of text file - they all get slurped up at run time
[Necro] There are 6 settings for RMG
[tweaker] new unit
[tweaker] flying tank bunnies no problem
[Pinkbelly] The text files allow you to set different sprites and other art -- but you'd have to make it on your own.
[MarkG] How can we make our own sprites for units?
[Necro] You may even make farm animals....
[MarkG] or cows :) is fred here? :)
[Pinkbelly] Generating answer....
[Necro] Can't you all just ask the simple questions, eh?
[Necro] :)
[MarkG] hmm no :)
[MarkG] here's one
[MarkG] [TheHobbit] do you think that naming canadian male tribe pierre elliot trudeau is some kind of a disgrace for quebec people ?
[Necro] Like, is it fun? (Yes!) Is it worth the $$$? (Of course!)
[tweaker] about the sprites
[MarkG] Btw, how did you come up with Cuba and Nigeria? :)
[tweaker] you need to have the art in our game format
[Pinkbelly] There's a makesprite tool that we use -- eventually I suspect it will make its way onto the internet ;]
[mrogre] We're hoping Fidel will send us some cigars for including him.
[MarkG] An Jamaica?
[CMB] In terms of representing the civilizations, we picked nations to try and fairly represent the world. But I know that we will offend every nation that we didn't include.
[Azmel] I like that jamaica can rule the world
[CMB] You can always make up your own leader's name of course.
[Pinkbelly] I want world domination -- and sun and maryjane.
[Azmel] Lets people create alternate realities
[MarkG] Also, personalities are set randomly, why?
[tweaker] the rise of the aztecs
[MarkG] Mongols are not always militaristic...
[tweaker] might make a fun mission
[Pinkbelly] Personalities aren't random. They are locked onto the civ leaders.
[MarkG] I mean that they are set in the begining of the game
[MarkG] right?
[tweaker] yes
[mrogre] The civilizations you're up against are picked randomly, but each civilization has two leaders, one male, one female, and each of those leaders always has the same personality.
[Pinkbelly] Everytime you play against a specific leader -- i.e. Ceasar -- you'll encounter the same personality -- it is the same guy afterall.
[Pinkbelly] Or gal.
[tweaker] some are peaceful
[tweaker] some are sneaky
[tweaker] some wil nuke you at the drop of a hat
[MarkG] strange, I thought they were random....
[tweaker] the civs are picked at random
[tweaker] at start game
[Necro] Nope. Set personalities.
[MarkG] Anyway, how smarter is the AI?
[Necro] Very.
[MarkG] what kind of things does he "in a smart way"?
[Necro] Better than your grammar.
[Pinkbelly] Super smart. Very. Quite. Rather.
[tweaker] they like to use stealth units
[tweaker] they will sneak into your backfield
[tweaker] while youare at war
[tweaker] and enslave and kidnap your workers
[tweaker] you might think you are safe on you little island
[tweaker] but your are not
[MarkG] That kinds of answers it...
[MarkG] Does it cheat?

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