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C:CTP Release Party; March 30th, 1999

[PrecursoR] so...for all the programmers...where did you learn to code games?
[Bilbo] What's the deal with multiplayer, is it going to be a battlenet type setup? How many players can play at once?
[Necro] xenisis, I can't tell you.
[WesternFederation] calm down guys
[tweaker] no great and yes
[Wagmister] Is the AI good? I mean really good? Better than DEITY mode on Civ 2?
[haelyn] what about the nukes will their be radiation instead of just cleanable pollution?
[STING] People, pls wait for previous questions to be answered
[Necro] Wagmister, AI is really good. Designers have a hard time on Deity level!
[LTJohn] Bilbo- multiplayer has a free matchmaking service like Bnet. 4 players at once, with up to 4 AI opponents as well
[The-Hobit] in what kind of format will be the video for, exemple, the wander ?
[tweaker] yes the ai is good but you are smarter
[Civilizationist] How much did civ ctp cost in canada???
[WesternFederation] is there a United States built into the game of can yo usimply name your country the USA
[Necro] The-Hobit, video plays 320x resolution, me thinks.
[Domk] what are the chances of a replay mode in a future patch ?
[Necro] Game plays in 1024 on down.
[Big] does every civs emmisanary look deifferent
[STING] replay mode like in civ1
[LTJohn] Big- yes
[Domk] yeah
[WesternFederation] I have a pentium 166 will that be good enough?
[eggman] how many pounds didja all gain/lose durin the process of ctp
[The-Hobit] but in mpg or qt
[Big] k
[mrogre] Precursor: My dad started to teach me programming when I was about 8, on an Imsai 8080 running CP/M.
[CMB] yes-- every emissary is different.
[LTJohn] WF- P166 will be good. How much RAM?
[tweaker] i gain a lot of weight
[Necro] Big, we have many Diplomats. I can't remember how many, but more than 8
[WesternFederation] ummm
[tweaker] sigh
[Icedan] You said we could make new wonders, whats the limit?
[WesternFederation] not sure
[PrecursoR] thanks mrogre
[WesternFederation] i have 500 mb free
[Atahualpa] MrOgre will you make a documentation about the Slic thing and put it on your website?
[WesternFederation] not sure that ram is
[Necro] There is now limit to wonders, really. That is editable in files.
[tweaker] there can be at most 64 wonders in a single game
[mrogre] Bilbo: Multiplayer allows up to 4 people plus up to 4 AIs. Activision has servers et up that are like battle.net, they are the same servers that are used for many other activision games
[LTJohn] WF- if you have 32MB or more, you will be able to run on a P166 at higher resolutions
[oldgamer-] can the game run without the CD
[Domk] when will the activison fourms open ?
[itoito12] azmel, did you use "the art of war" from Sun Tzu to get ai behaviors on combat tactics?
[eggman] id just like to say that u guys made an EXCELLENT game and i look forward to many sleepless niights and multiplayer deathmatches...thanks alot! u guyz rock!
[WesternFederation] yes i have 32 of RAM
[Necro] oldgamer, the CD is required to start a game.
[PrecursoR] i couldn't have said it better eggman!
[Icedan] Hey, I'm going to get fat playing this game :(
[LTJohn] oldgamer- you need the CD to start the game. Once the CD check is done, you can take it out.
[Necro] Thanks, eggman. Now go buy lots of copies!
[mrogre] Atahulpa: Yes, I am going to try very hard to get the SLIC documentation out to the public.
[Azmel] itoito12, nope, but talked alot with our designers and testers who were playing the game
[STING] Activision: Will there be a map-replay mode like in civ1 ?
[Atahualpa] thanks
[oldgamer-] that's good
[eggman] ill take 2
[LTJohn] Sting- no
[tweaker] thanks eggman look for us in the multiplayer
[Necro] Sting, not yet.
[WesternFederation] ok I have an Electronic Boutique claiming they will have it tomorrow, can that possibly be true?
[Necro] Sting, actuall, yes.
[Big] me too .
[Icedan] Can the look of the interface be changed?
[The-Hobit] Necro: how many civilisation going to be able to play in a game ? the maximum number ?
[Necro] You can play the same map again with the Restart option
[Azmel] sting, there is a map replay mode
[eggman] yeah west, they told me that also
[Pinkbelly] We can replay -- as in start the same map again.
[LTJohn] WF- yes EB and Babbage's should receive it tomorrow in the US and Canada
[tweaker] icedan yes with work
[oldgamer-] When is the game ship to Aisa
[WesternFederation] ALRIGHT
[Icedan] Cool
[War_] hey Cecilia, has Icedan asked you out yet? ;)
[STING] Activision: I mean that you can see the timeline how history went
[Necro] The-Hobit, 8 is max in shell, but editable in files to something like 32
[Azmel] don't ask use marketing or money questions, do don't know anything like that
[LTJohn] Oldgamer it's already out in Australia
[Kestrel] Tweaker, how about some more information on creating kill AI's
[oldgamer-] Aisa= Asia
[Icedan] FUN-UN-EE
[War_] hehehe sorry ice
[The-Hobit] that's is going to be cool to play with
[Civilizationist] Did civ:CTP avalable in montréal,canada?????????
[WesternFederation] Will there be a multiplayer site (i.e. Battle Net to play Civ on?
[tweaker] what do you want to know kestrel?
[Azmel] creating kill AI's, what do you mean?
[Necro] Civlizkionsts, oui.
[Icedan] I noticed the river overlapped some of the tree's. Can this be fixed?
[LTJohn] Civilizationist- probably tomorrow or Thursday
[Necro] Icedan, the river runs thrrough it. :)
[Kestrel] Tweaker, will the support files be available for us to create our own AI's in COM?
[mrogre] ActivNet is like battle.net, yes. It's already used for many other games (I'76, Battlezone, etc.)
[STING] lol
[Atahualpa] How many CD's did you ship already?
[CMB] Hey Icedan, we're going to Acapulco's for lunch on Ocean Park. If you come, I'll buy you a drink.
[Big] haha
[Necro] icedan, rivers aren't separate tiles, they are part of existing tiles and add values to those tiles.
[tweaker] it may go onto the web kestral
[WesternFederation] lowlife this isn't the place to meet girls get out
[tweaker] you need the COM headers
[MarkG] CMB LOL!!
[Kestrel] Thanks Tweaker.
[War_] can I join? sounds like fun ;)
[Icedan] I'll be there CMB! lol
[lowlife] what is it for
[Big] see ya
[WesternFederation] Guys is there a United States build into the game?
[Icedan] Last question for me, What is involved in editing the units?
[LTJohn] WF There is an American Civ
[Civilizationist] Did Future Shop will have it soon??
[tweaker] dibs on the picther of margaritas a acopolco
[tweaker] westerfed there is the american civ
[Doo] yeah, i think i read on apolyton that there were not maps included. is there an earth map?
[PrecursoR] can you take over a city using unconventional warfare units or do you need military units?
[Necro] WesternFed, America is a Civ/Tribe, not US.
[Pinkbelly] Earth map is on the way.
[STING] Doo: Yes
[MarkG] tweaker, was there a party today at work? :)
[xenisis] Is there a map editor included, or will it go out on the site?
[oldgamer-] when is the game shipping to ASIA ?? Singapore/Malaysia
[STING] xenisis: coming soon
[tweaker] precur you need mil units
[tweaker] to take a city
[LTJohn] Precursor- unconventional units are used to soften up a city. You'll need military units to occupy it.
[PrecursoR] thanks tweaker
[WesternFederation] Once you have space units, don't you already own Earth? Who can you fight in outer space?
[eggman] wat kinda music u listen to when creatin this masterpiece?
[PrecursoR] thanks ltjohn

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