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C:CTP Release Party; March 30th, 1999

[STING] heh
[Necro] PrecuroR, you can incite a revolution, but that will not cause it to become your Civ. You must use Military to capture it, or have certain Wonders that force revolting Civs to join your Civ.
[LTJohn] WF other civs in space
[itoito12] Is there a Dutch civilization in ctp this time?
[Pinkbelly] you can fight other civ's in space. It is like playing king of the hill.
[STING] itoito12: yes
[Icedan] I guess I should go to college now, I am late, but I wanted to be here
[Azmel] taking over space is a good way to get a military advantage if you've been concentrating on science up to that point
[LTJohn] itoito yes
[tweaker] space is like a scond map - anyone with the tech can go there
[Necro] WesterFed, you can make units and Cities to orbit the planet.
[Pinkbelly] Chat away.
[Atahualpa] And what about an Austrian civ?
[Azmel] ya, I think the dutch are one of the civs
[WesternFederation] But aren't you supposed to have created a global state by then?
[STING] yep
[eggman] in space is there resources and stuff?
[Icedan] Im going to ask the Dutch out
[STING] Icedan: heh why
[WesternFederation] EGGMAN---Yes there are mining asteroids
[Azmel] naw, you can be fractious on land when you get into space
[tweaker] westfed - it depends if you are a great general or not ;-)
[Necro] WesternFed, not necessarily. You can escape the planet while another CIV takes it over.
[Icedan] Oh, I noticed the protraits of the diplomats were almost photo taken images and edited, TRUE!?!
[Azmel] space is a great place to manufacture and drop bombs on your enemies
[WesternFederation] oh, ok thanks Necro
[Necro] Eggman, no resources in space. What would there be?
[tweaker] eggman you build stuff in space
[MarkG] what do yout hink about SMAC? :)
[Pinkbelly] Only the cute ones.
[Icedan] lol
[Azmel] icedan, the pictures sure look like real pictures don't they?
[Icedan] Hey, I was wondering, are any of the diplomats any of you!?
[Necro] Icedan --- Yes re: Diplomats. Some are drawn, some are real.
[CMB] Yes -- the pictures are of real people and then touched up.
[eggman] who would win in a fistfight....ctp or smac?
[Icedan] I liked the idea!
[Necro] "Real" is relative...
[War_] uh oh, here it comes...
[tweaker] buy them both ;-)
[m_m_x] why hebrew instead of israel?who did the research???
[tweaker] help the econmyu
[oldgamer-] CTP vs SMAC = 10-0
[Azmel] icedan, the russian diplomat sure looks alot like my dad...
[Kumiorava] so quiet suddenly...
[Icedan] lol
[The-Hobit] is there gonna be a other language beside english ?
[Necro] Eggman, CTP and SMAC don't have fists...
[LTJohn] Depends on what country the judges are from :)
[STING] heh
[eggman] in waht around old gamer?
[War_] yea ice wanted to go out with the dutch girl too ;)
[eggman] what round
[Icedan] yeah
[oldgamer-] maybe 100-0
[WesternFederation] What years does the game begin in?
[LTJohn] In the CTP/SMAC battle, is Don King involved?
[xenisis] How will space cities survive? How can they grow food?
[tweaker] -4000 bc
[STING] 4000B.C
[Necro] mmx, Hebrew is the tribe. People are Hebrews by ethnicity, not Israel. Though they could be Israelites...
[Icedan] She'll demand some sort of tribute though, hehe
[Doo] it'd be cool if in a patch you could get the civs to speak their real language, like in AOK
[Necro] We wanted to separate the tribe from the country
[WesternFederation] ok, so who was around then? The Greeks?
[eggman] umm...by ethnicity they are jewish...
[tweaker] xenisis you build orbatal farms and factories
[STING] WesternFederation: assyrians
[Icedan] Anyway, I'm off to college, laters! And Well done Activision.
[PrecursoR] did you guys ever toy with the idea that certain civ could only build certain wonders?
[eggman] cya dan
[Azmel] icedan, thx
[tweaker] yes precor
[War_] later ice
[kevlar] Some Civ's (Romans & Russians) had advantages at the start eg; 2 settlers, extra advances has this been continued in CTP and if so why?
[Azmel] precursR, we toyed with lots of ideas, but had to focus on those with the most fun factor
[PrecursoR] eg. the egyptians only could build the sphinx
[tweaker] but we also wanted a lot of civs - we have 40
[m_m_x] ok...and when it will be accessible in israel?
[tweaker] think of the game balance
[Pinkbelly] We want to let you replay history.
[Necro] Judaism is a religion. One can be Jewish by religion but have another ethinicity, like Sephardic or Ashkinaze.
[Atahualpa] The farms can be upgraded right? Mark complaind in his preview that the other upgrades were still there and you had to scroll down all the time, will this be changed?
[PrecursoR] ah i see
[CMB] You have some advantages like 2 settlers when you start on a challenged start location.
[Pinkbelly] Replay -- as in -- change.
[The-Hobit] is the game going to be port in other language ?
[mrogre] kevlar: There are no advantages by civilization. You can still sometimes start with an extra settler, but it's based on where you start the game.
[Necro] Atahaulpa, yes. There are 3 types of farms on land, 3 in sea and 3 in space.
[thewriter1981] farmsa in space
[Atahualpa] What I mean is, perhaps Mark could explain it!
[tweaker] the game is shipping in 5 lang at least
[itoito12] When are the packages going to be sent to the people that preordered on your ctp page?
[CMB] Right now there are deals in the making for ports to many other languages... none have been completed though.
[STING] space cows
[Azmel] the-hobit, it is in many different languages already
[Pinkbelly] Space rats.
[thewriter1981] moo oh dead cow
[War_] oh yea the three advances for farms etc. take up more space so you have to scroll
[The-Hobit] ok thank's
*** MarkG sets mode: +m
[Azmel] the-hobbit, ie. there is a german version and others too
[CMB] I don't know when the pre orders will get their copies. I'm still waiting for mine!
[MarkG] back to moderated
[MarkG] in order to answer any questions and say goodbye
[LTJohn] itoito- if you ordered through the link on our page, you ordered at EBWorld. It's up to them on shipping date- they usually take 3 or 4 days.
[MarkG] Well, my and I guess everybody's thanks
[tweaker] bye
[Necro] Thanks to you all for joining us. We hope you enjoy it.
[MarkG] to the members of the CTP development team
[LTJohn] See you on the forums
[MarkG] see you on the activlink servers!
[MarkG] are you going to have the same nicks?
[CMB] Thanks everyone.
[tweaker] watch for us in netgames
[Azmel] sure
[MarkG] allright then!
[Necro] Necro will be around after some time to allow you all some practice...
*** MarkG sets mode: -m
[LTJohn] Aloha
[eggman] heh
[Atahualpa] bye
[eggman] thank alot guyz!
[Necro] Later!
[Atahualpa] thanks a lot
[eggman] u all rock!
[WesternFederation] thanks
[joon] thanks
[Kumiorava] puppiduu
[STING] Activision: Thanks for the chat and the wonderful game!
[Pinkbelly] Bye.

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