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The Builder Manager screen. The stats for the units are in the following row: attack, defence, armor, ranged attacke, damage strength, movement, turns to build

Clicking on the date you get the number of the current turn

Wonders tab in the statistics screen

The Army Manager screen. Armies are represented with a star on the map and the Unit tab on the control panel
Explanations, Replies
Day 2! First some replies to questions and some clarifications

  • I got a 17" monitor. 1024x768 Works pretty much ok, but I think I'll end up using higher resolutions
  • As Lt John answered, the castle icons next a city shows you that a unit is fortified within the city. This means that you can see if enemy cities have units inside them
  • The recapturing-of-city FoW: only the first civ to do this get the FoW, and just for one time
  • Wonder movies: I've only seen 6 or 7, as I play the game. Two of them which where in CTP1(Hagia Sophia, East Endia Company) are indentical. Also, the Pyramids one is indentical with the first part of the intro movie
  • Also judging from the date of the exe file, my version is dated November 2
  • The declare war option: Yes, I know the importance, but for someone who doesnt know much about the game, it does sound ridicullous, doesnt it?
  • On the same subject, someone asked "With the declare war option, is there the possibility to demand a neighbour to stop a war with another civ?"
    Yes.You can offer/request the brake of any agreement, treaty, or pact. BUT it's disabled in the build I got. Whether or not it will be in the released game, I dont know. It CAN be enabled though by removing two lines from a text file(one for the offer and one for the request). I tried it and it SEEMS to work. As soon as we have some info on that from Activision we'll post it
  • AI files: there are lots of them. It seems that there are lists for building stuff, for the which advances to search, etc, depending of the character of the AI. Generally, lots of stuff to get into. My eye also caught a couple of help files
  • Someone asked: "the Senate may once again actively block some of your decisions like declaring war. Can you let us know if you find anything to back this up?"
    I didnt find a single thing about this. It must be just part of the story....
  • another question: "Did the AI act any better/worse, or was it dong some idiotic things?"
    To early to tell. Not something idiotic so far.

    No Crash, No Crash, No Crash :)
    Perhaps it's my way-over-the-minimum-requirements system, perhaps it's win2000, but the game is uncrashable so far.
    Two incidents: one when I took of my usb mouse, which was conflicting with the dvd player, and plugged in a serial mouse. CTP2 kept working like nothing happened! The other incident when I run out off virtual memory(I had it at 200mb) and Windows throwed me a message saying it increased the virtual memory file. CTP2 didnt care again(CTP1 would probably have crashed :)) At the time, I was also running Photoshop and Word(for the manual), and CTP2 was running the "east india company" wonder video

    Manual in electronic format
    As I noted before, the manual also in rtf format for easier access to the info. Definatelly better!

    Army Managment
    A group of unit is now called an army. CTP2 sets a "Army #347" kind of name each time you make a group. But you can edit it. In the Unit Tab on the Control Panel, each army is represented with just one unit, with a star next to it. If there are several ungrouped units on a tile, or some ungrouped units and an army on a tile, there is a right-click command to group all of them. The same for ungrouping all of the units. Removing one or more units from an army might require 1-2 clicks more from CTP1 but I think that again there is no way to make a mistake about it

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