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Creating a trade route is as easy as clicking two buttons(one to open the screen and one to click the "Create Trade Route" button)
Btw, the control panel can be hidden as you can see :)

A battle you win

And a.... "ok guys another time" battle. Retreaaaat!

Comparing two goverments
Units stats
These are the unit attributes(copy from the manual):

Attack: The attack rating represents the unit's probability of successful attack
Ranged Attack: This represents the probability of a ranged attack. Not all units have ranged attack capability.
Defense: This represents the unit's ability to avoid being hit.
Armor: The armor rating indicates the unit's ability to withstand a successful attack
Strength: This represents the amount of damage a unit inflicts with each successful attack
Vision: Each unit has a range of vision that is equal to at least one tile in every direction
Cost: A unit's cost is measured by the amount of production it takes to build the unit
Health: The health of a unit is represented by a colored bar that appears over the flag next to the unit itself. One of these days I'll try the tank vs hoplite thing, but it seems to not exist anymore

There are 10 audio tracks on the cd. It's not something totally great, except from the Welsh song. There is definately no irritating song in there, which is very good

Radar Map buttons
The buttons on the radar map are the following: on/off units, on/off cities, on/off borders, on/off filtered(shows the map smoothed), on/off trade routes, on/off geographical information. Hopefully tomorrow I'll make an animated gif with the various options

Append to Multiple Build Queues!
If you're wondering what this is, here is an example: you discover the advace that enable the Mill. You open the National Manager(=city list), you select all the cities, click on the "Build Manager" button to open the.. build manager, Add mill on the queue and then click on "Append". The mill has been added to the queues of all your cities!! If you dont get the significance of this, you havent played ctp1 with lots of cities...

Retreat Button
Check one of the animated screens to see a case where I clicked retreat as fast as I could. And yes these are catapults you see in there!

Comparing Goverments
One really helpfull addition is that you can finally see the numbers of cities your goverment can have. It would be nice if the same screen also list the number of cities you now have

Not yet 32 civs
I have yet to try and play with more than 8 civs.... Tomorrow!

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