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What you have to do to win the Alexander scenario

Is the "choosing civ" screen correct in scenarios? Looks that way...

Managing the build queues of many cities together
This is turning into "Ask MarkG with the 1000 answers", but what the hell....

Explanations, Replies

  • Dida asks: "Are the AIs capable of launching a big scale invasion in your ctp2 game?"
    I didnt see something like that in the 10 hours I've played the game so far. Dont ask too much guys!
    "Do they do a good defense job?"
    It is not uncommon to find yourself against 8 or even more units when you attack a big city, if that tells you something.
    Btw, if you leave some units next to an enemy city to attack it on the next turn, dont be surprised if you hear the sound of catapult bombarding them...
    "Once you capture their important cities, do they concentrate their troops to try to take it back?"
    I havent been in such a situation. Keep in mind that i'm currently playing at medium(prince) level

  • John Amram asks: "How many units in an army?"
    Up to 12(from 9)

  • Monkey posted: "What do the unit do when they retreat? Do they turn around and walk away with a sad musical tone in the background?"
    Nothing like that. The defending army just gets one more chance to hit and then the whole thing ends there. No turning around of your units to walk away or anything like that. I know, it would be cool if they run away or something...

  • Monkey also asked: "do events trigger the mood in the music like in civ2?"
    It's been a long time since the last time i played civ2, and I dont remember that happening :) Anyway, the songs continue to play in the same(or random if you set it) order, no matter what happens. There are though sounds playing at some events: build of a new city, discovery of an advance, entrance into an enemy city, winning and loosing a battle and perhaps more

  • Atahualpa asks: "is there a way to append the Mill not to all cities but only to some (let say to those with size greater 6)?"
    Of course. You can select as many cities as you like, like you did in CTP1's city list. In the Empire Manager you can also sort the list of cities in various ways. See the screenshot on the right

  • Tiberius asks about the trade system: I havent looked into it much. The economics of the whole game have changed(the gold you get now is much more than what you got in CTP1, but of course it's the same for everyone) so I cant make an easy comparison right now. What is certain is that it requires even less clicks that in CTP1.

  • Big Crunch asked about the Citizen Loyalty attribute of each goverment: If I get it right, it affects the happiness of your citizens, not anything else(at least directly)

  • Several people asked about the "view city feature": I dont know how this impression was created, but there is no city view ala civ2

  • Karol asks: "Can I name these rocks in the middle of my map as "Rocky Mountains" and then get the message "Barbarians appeared close to Rocky Mountains" ?"
    Nope, nothing like that

  • Atahualpa asks again "When in the game you select a Scenario, do the civs to choose from change according to those defined in the scenarios?"
    Yeap, see the screenshot from the Alexander scenario

  • GP questions "What about the cow?"
    No cow in CTP2... :-D

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