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And here is a screenshot playing at 1280x1024 with the contol panel and radar map hidden("/" key)

ICS gone or not?

Server selection screen for multiplayer
And now for some real impressions

Yes, 32 Civs!
Actually, it's 31(the 32nd are the barbarians). I tried it, it works. I'll continue to play my current game, I'll go back to the 32 civs when I end the first one....
I did manage to crash CTP2 btw(now some people can go to sleep), when I tried to start a game with 32 civs on the World Map. Apparently, a new version of the scenario file must be created for 32 civs. I'm sure someone will figure it out...

New Way For Resource Gathering
As explained in St Swithin's column, the city collects it's resource from all the tiles around it, no matter the size. There is no placing of workers anymore. This saves LOTS of time, since you dont have to worry where you place your tile improvements, or where to put each worker. As long as the improvement is inside the control area of a city it's going to help, end of story. Please Firaxis, dont give me settlers to do this stuff in Civ3.... ;)

In userprofile.txt there is strange setting: AIPopCheat=Yes. What is it, I dont know....

Too Many Screens?
I think that that the first time player will think that there are way too many screens and tabs in CTP2. All I have to say is: it gets better :)
The game gives lots of information through many screens. Apparently, in order to fit all these on 800x600, you get screens with 2 or 3 tabs. I dont think there is a screen in the game with just one tab. Perhaps only the Army Manager. I dont know if something can be down through the layout(.ldl) files, which are simple text files. These existed in CTP1 as well, but only recently we had a mod of them, giving more space for the city screen(it's now added in the Med Mod). Perhaps a new set of ldl files for 1280x1024 users like me? :)

Borders and Trespassing
Well, borders are nice. You know where they are, you dont cross them. Unfortunately, you're not warned when you cross them. Given that trespassing means lowering the opponents regard towards you, I think there should be a warning. Perhaps there could be an option to request from the opponent to allow you to pass your troops through his land or water... Note that borders are over the water too, and getting into someone's waters is the same as getting into his land.

1280x1024 With "Clear" Map!
I think the top screenshot on this page is simply great. 1280x1024 Resolution with the control panel and the radar map hidden. With the exception of adding tiles improvements, I think you can play the whole game just like that!

ICS still there or not?
I dont know, I've never been an expert on the kind of calculations people do about ICS. Gedrin suggested a small test in one of the threads, and I think I followed it right. Check the result in the screenshot

I'm ready for the big battle. CTRL+S to do a quick save(no save file screen pops up). I do the battle. I loose. CTRL+L to load the quick save.... ;)
Saving takes a couple seconds, but loading a bit more...

That's all for today!

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