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My diplomatic efforts finally show results :)

Science related screens
Day 6, posted on Day 7. Real life came knocking my door....
Just a small comment on deity and two lengthy replies to posts with lots of questions

The Impossible Medium Game
I've put aside my first game(although i want to end it to see well, how it ends ) and started a new one on impossible(deity) level so far i've survived...

That's what I was saying. The deity game turned out to be a prince(medium) one. Somehow I put the wrong setting... And I was wondering why I do so well :D
Anyway, on my second game on medium, the game seemed much easier. BUT the next game which was a really deity one, sees impossible after the first turns. More "research" is needed....

Reply to Ralf
One of my two great(in length :)) replies

- In CTP-2 there seems to be a need for building pretty big and well-balanced 8-12+ unit armies to be able to achieve anything at all. I can see why increased 800-1000 turns can be helpful here.
oh yes, it is quite often to be against 6-10 units when you attack a city. bombarding a city before attacking it is the only way to go(of course you can attack directly with 2-3 stacks if you like :))

- Does it cost just as many turns/resorces to build any average single military-unit in CTP-2, comparing with any average unit in Civ-2/SMAC?
i would say it takes the same time spent on the game

- Can i tweak the AI to work towards the same 30-40% resource emphasize - not only through mayors, but also how the AI manage its own AI-controlled cities?
perhaps. there are texts file for the building lists and the tile improvements according to the mayor choice. not sure if the ai uses them for itself as well, but i guess it does

- Is it easier to build these mega-cities? I coudnt help noticing many really big cities, despite the fact that many of its city-area tiles wasnt cultivated.
well, if you consider that my own cites were at about 16-17 and the ai had a few 26 size cities...

- Any max numbers of cities per government type?
still exist. it is shown on the national manager, on the goverment selection tab

- Any government-related indevidual city-grow limits?

- Does happiness-problems get an increasingly bigger (and finally, almost unsolvable) problem with 30, 40, 50, 60+ empire-cities? Any practical limits? How big can an empire be without self-destruct?
didnt get over 35 in the first game. i'll try to go back to it later...

- About "settler-mania" (this is a MAJOR issue for me). What im aiming at is the strategy of building settlers, settler and almost only settlers early on
due to the fact that the city are can now be much bigger you will either accept that you will have small sized cities or you have to find lots of lots of space. and if you're not alone on the continent you will have to remember the existance of borders

- How many undeveloped cities (without any, or very few city-improvements) can i build early on, before i *must* build more city-improvements? Is there any improvement-related limits on unrealistic super-fast empire expansion?
well monarchy, republic and theocracy have a 20 cities limit(tyranny is at 10). you have to wait for fascism and communism for more(35)

- About the increased amount of game-turns: Any opinion how that affects the overall pace of the game? To the better?
at first i thought it would take much more time. the thing is though that larger armies, build queues and mayors can make the game much shorter than what a 800-turn civ2 game would be

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