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- Will all the diplomatic options be reduced to just a couple of useful ones? (Like a 28-speed bike that you only use 4 gears on).
depends on how you play the game i guess

- Do the units keep shouting "Find the enemy!"? Does the settler always have to stretch so much, and does the monk unit have to wave its arms all the time?
voices can be turned off like in ctp1. the settler sprite is different. dont remember if the monk does anything different

- Are the Wonders balanced?
cant say with only a couple of games

- So far, the best thing about the game are the music files released by Activision. (They're downright inspirational!) But are the rest of the tracks annoying?
still playing with them. none of them annoying for me

- Can I play Zimmer's "Roll Tide" .MP3, or something by Gustav Holst in lieu of other bad tracks?
you can have winamp playing on the background

- Does the music change with the age, or are we going to listen to tribal drums while building underwater cities?
no different music for each age

- Is there a unique feeling with each age, or does a player's strategy never have to change?
well, when it comes to land, you always have ranged, defensive, offensive and flanking units. of course as new units come up(sea, air, special) and new goverments are availiable you have to take some decisions

- Can a player be behind in wealth but use her science prowess to catch up?
it depends :)

- If you don't get too many wonders, are you hooped?
dont know

- Are there other aspects of the game that keep a player from enjoying a few hours of immersion?
well, you wont find many "toys"(dancing diplomats, video advisors, throne rooms, city vews...)

- My experience with CTP1 multiplayer was awful. How do I know that CTP2 will be better?
didnt have the chance to play multiplayer

- Are all of the governments more balanced, or is everybody going to jump straight to Theocracy in the beginning of the game?
theocracy takes some time...

- When another civ agrees to stop tresspassing, is it going to keep breaking the agreement every second turn?
in my last game i have tresspassing agreemnts(which dont expire btw) with 3 civs and they have kept them so far

- Are stealth units going to be sent in droves regardless of other civ's opinion of your own? (CTP1 was really a dissapointment here).
surprisingly i havent seen many stealth units so far(even slavers)

- Is everybody going to hate you, and will it be almost impossible to set up meaningful trade routes? Will there be as much technology trading as there was in CivII? (I found CTP1 a dissapointment here, too).
how to increase regard of others towards you is going to be one HOT topic on the strategy forum. things are complicated(in the good way) :)

- Basically, I want to know what it is that makes playing CTP2 more rewarding and immersive than listening to my favourite .MP3's and playing solitare.
imho it is very hard to ruin the civ recipie

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