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Saving a map

Saving a scenario. CTP2 takes care of all needed directories and files under the /scenarios folder

Loading my just-made scenario! :)
Day 7...

Editor Documentation
There is currently no readme for the map/editor. It seems that there wont be anything "in the box" as well. Activision is working on it though:

Dave White wrote on a mail replying to me about it
We're working on some extensive documentation for SLIC, the scenario editor and the save game files. Once they're all done we'll make them available on-line.

Editor Experiences
An "extensive documentation" is definately needed. My first try to play around with the editor ended up to a scenario that crashes ctp2(but since user created scenarios are not supported by Activision, it doesnt count as a bug ;)). My second try came out much better, I might be the first man to release a scenario for ctp2 :D

Map Sizes/World Map
The map sizes are:

Small 24x48
Regular 48x96
Huge 64x128
Gigantic 70x140

The size of the World Map is "gigantic". It's not as detailed as I could be. 70x140 is not enough...

Diplomacy: The Friendly Side
In the first game, others civ had very low regard towards me, basically because i was beeing a bad boy :) In the second one I was a bit more carefull, and actually made no-tresspassing agreements with 3 civs. Except from a couple settlers moving around the AI honors them(or at least the specific personalities of those civs). With two of them, I later advanced to a peace treaty. With the other I broke the agreement myself, declared war, took all of his cities except from two and then offered a cease fire and a peace treaty, which he gladly accepted :)

Diplomacy: The Ugly Side
The ugly side is having a proposal rejected. Being rejected without geting a reason really sucks... Some kind of note from my "intelligence minister" or whatever would help...
On the other hand these rejections make the acceptance of a proposal feel better :))

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