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Diplomacy: Treaties
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Declare War: This is a pledge to declare war on the empire you specify. You will be prompted to name the empire you intend to declare war on.

Cease-Fire: This is a proposal to end all fighting between you and another empire. If both empires agree to a cease-fire, they must refrain from attacking any units or cities.

Peace Treaty: This is a proposal to not only stop any fighting between nations, but to actually declare a state of peace between them. A peace treaty signifies that there is no conflict between nations.

Trade Pact: This is a proposal to enter into a trade agreement with another nation. Two empires that sign a trade pact get a bonus for each trade route they have between each other's cities.

Research Pact: This agreement gives both nations who sign it a bonus to their science.

Military Pact: This is a pledge to come to the aid of another nation should they require military assistance. If you sign a military pact, you will be expected to provide military assistance should the other signer need it.

Pollution Pact: This is an agreement to keep pollution below a certain level. You will be prompted to specify the level. Two nations who agree to this pact are obligated to take measures to curb the total pollution their cities create and maintain it at or below the level specified.

Alliance: An alliance is the supreme achievement of diplomacy in Call To Power II. An alliance is actually a combination of agreements, treaties, and pacts that signify a robust and long-term partnership between two empires. If you enter into an alliance with another nation, both of you must abide by the terms of a peace treaty and a military pact.

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