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SLIC-Reference : Events : Armies : Movement


- CTP1 - messages only
- CTP2 - can be triggered (events)
- CTP2 Apolyton Edition  
  - tested
- broken, obsolete - working

AirliftOrder (army, location)   Army airlifts
CantMoveYet (army, int_direction, location)   Added when an army tries to move but is out of move points
DescendOrder (army)     NOTE: No space in CTP2
FinishMove (army, int_direction, location, int)   The last stage of an army moving before the MoveUnits event
LaunchOrder (army, location)     Give a space launch order to this army
MoveArmy (army, int_direction, int, int, location)         Move an army one square Apolyton-thread
MoveOrder (army, GEA_Path, location, int)   Give a pathed move order to an army
MovePathOrder (army, location)         Give a move order to an army, creates a new path Apolyton-thread
MoveToOrder (army, int_direction)         Give a single square move order to an army Apolyton-thread
MoveUnits (army, location, location)         An army always moves on this event, no more legality checks at this point
ParadropOrder (army, location)   Drop an army from a plane
Reentry (army)     Bring this army back to earth
Teleport (army, location)   Army teleports
UseSpaceLadderOrder (army)     Army climbs a space ladder

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