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SLIC-Reference : Events (Alphabetical List)

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- CTP1 - messages only
- CTP2 - can be triggered (events)
- CTP2 Apolyton Edition  
  - tested
- broken, obsolete - working

Accept (int_player, int_player)   A proposal has been accepted
AccomplishFeat (int, int_player)   Someone has accomplished a feat (int = feat DB index)
ActivateAllUnits (location)   Detrench/wake all units at location
AddGold (int_player, int)   Add gold to player
AddHappyTimer (city, int, int, int)     Cause a timed amount of happiness or unhappiness
AddUnitToArmy (unit, army, int)   Insert a unit into an army
AdvertiseOrder (army, location)   Army advertises
AiBeginTurn (player)   Begin a player's turn main AI
AIFinishBeginTurn (int_player)   Added by StartMovePhaseEvent
AirliftOrder (army, location)   Army airlifts
ArmyClicked (army)   Triggered when the user clicks an army with the mouse
ArmyDeselected (army)   Triggered when the user deselects an army
ArmySelected (army)   Triggered when the user selects an army
AssassinateRulerOrder (army, location)   Army assasinates a ruler
AssassinateRulerUnit (unit, city)   Unit bombs cabinet
AttemptRevolt (int_player)   Make cities revolt as needed
Battle (army, location)   An army attacks a location Apolyton-thread
BattleAftermath (army, location, unit, unit, int_player, int_player, int)   Clean up the battlefield
BeginScheduler (int_player)   Match all armies with goals
BeginTurn (int_player, int)       Begin a player's turn
BeginTurnAgreements (int_player)   Begin player diplomatic agreements phase
BeginTurnAllCities (int_player)   Player event before cities begin turn
BeginTurnArmy (army)   Begin turn for own army
BeginTurnEndGame (int_player)   Begin endgame processing phase
BeginTurnExecute (army)         Call ExecuteOrders on an Army for a begin turn (normally AI only) Apolyton-thread
BeginTurnGovernment (int_player)   Handle government changes
BeginTurnImprovements (int_player)   Begin player improvements phase
BeginTurnProduction (int_player)   Begin player production
BeginTurnSupport (int_player)   Begin player support phase
BeginTurnUnit (unit)   Begin turn for own unit
BioInfectCity (city, int_player)   City gets infected
BioInfectCityUnit (unit, city)   Unit infects city
BioInfectOrder (army, location)   Army bio infects
BoardTransportOrder (army)   Move this army into a transport in the same cell
BombardOrder (army, location)   Army bombards
BorderIncursion (int_player, int_player)   Occurs when army first crosses foreign border
BorderPullout (int_player, int_player)   Occurs when army leaves foreign border
BuildBuilding (city, int)   Add a building to a city's queue
BuildFront (city)   Try to build the first thing in a city's queue
BuildingRemoved (city, int)   Triggered when a building is removed
BuildUnit (city, int)   Add a unit to a city's queue Apolyton-thread
BuildWonder (city, int)   Add a wonder to a city's queue
BuyFront (city)     Rush buy an item in a city
CalcScores (int_player)   Recalculate a player's scores
CantMoveYet (army, int_direction, location)   Added when an army tries to move but is out of move points
CaptureCity (city, int_player, int)   Make a city change hands
CheckOrders (army, location, location)   Added by the MoveUnit event to execute the next moves
CityBeginTurn (city)   Main city begin turn event
CityBeginTurnVision (city, int_player)   Vision phase for enemy cities
CityClicked (city)   Triggered when the user clicks a city with the mouse
CityDeselected (city)   Triggered when the user deselects a city
CityInfluenceChanged (city, int)   Triggered when city influence radius changes (city, delta)
CityRiot (city)   A city riots
CitySelected (city)   Triggered when the user selects a city
CityTurnPreProduction (city)   Early begin turn phase, before production
CleanupUprising (army, city)   Really finish a slave uprising
ClearOrders (army)   Clear an army's orders
ClearTarget (unit)   Clear a nuclear missile's target
ClearTargetOrder (army)   Clear a nuclear missile's target
CloakOrder (army)   Army cloaks
ComputeMotivations (int_player)   Determine fears and desires
ContactMade (int_player, int_player)   Contact between two players established
ContinueDiplomacy (int_player, int_player)   Decide if sender should make a new proposal
ConvertCity (city, int_player, int)   City actually converted
ConvertCityOrder (army, location)   Army converts a city
ConvertCityUnit (unit, city)   Unit converts city
Counter (int_player, int_player)   A proposal has been countered
CreateBuilding (city, int)   Create a building
CreateCity (int_player, location, int, int [, city])     Create a city
CreatedArmy (army)   An empty army was created
CreateImprovement (int_player, location, int, int)     Start building a terrain improvement
CreatePark (city, int_player)   City becomes a park
CreateParkOrder (army, location)   Army creates a park
CreateParkUnit (unit, city)   Unit creates a park
CreateRiftOrder (army, location)   Army creates a rift
CreateUnit (int_player, location, city, int, int [, unit])   Create a unit
CreateWonder (city, int)   Create a wonder
CutImprovements (location)   Pillage terrain improvements
DescendOrder (army)     NOTE: No space in CTP2
DesireMotivation (int_player, int_player, int)   Find new proposal for desire motivation
DetrenchOrder (army)   Detrench an army
DetrenchUnit (unit)   Detrench a unit
DisbandArmyOrder (army)   Disband an army
DisbandCity (city)   Disband one city
DisbandUnit (unit)   Disband one unit
DisplayInvestigationWindow (unit, city)   Display the investigate city window
EndAIClientTurn (int_player)   Used in automated testing only
EndTurn (int_player)   End a player's turn
EnslaveSettler (army, unit, unit)   Enslave a settler
EnslaveSettlerOrder (army, location)   Army enslaves a settler
EnterAge (int_player, int)   Player enters a new age
EntrenchOrder (army)   Entrench an army
EntrenchUnit (unit)   Entrench a unit
EstablishEmbassy (int_player, int_player)   Actually establish an embassy
EstablishEmbassyOrder (army, location)   Army establishes embassy
EstablishEmbassyUnit (unit, city)   Attempt to establish an embassy
ExpelOrder (army, location)   Army expels
ExpelUnits (army, location)   Army expelling units
FearMotivation (int_player, int_player, int)   Find new proposal for fear motivation
FinishAttack (army, location)   An army attacks someone Apolyton-thread
FinishBeginTurn (int_player)   Last event in player begin turn phase
FinishBuildPhase (int_player)   Cities will have added all their build events when this fires
FinishMove (army, int_direction, location, int)   The last stage of an army moving before the MoveUnits event
FinishUnload (army, army, location)   Finish the unload process for an army
FinishUprising (city, army, int)   Finish a slave uprising
FranchiseOrder (army, location)   Army franchises
GetExpelledOrder (army, location, int_player)   This army gets expelled
GiveCity (city, int_player)   Give a city to a foreign player
GiveMap (int_player, int_player)   Give map from first player to second player
GlobalWarming (int)   Global warming causes the sea level to rise so that vast land is flooded
GrantAdvance (int_player, int, int)     Give a player an advance
GroupOrder (army)   Group other units in the square into the army
GroupUnitOrder (army, unit)   Group specified unit into the army
ImprovementAddTurn (GEA_Improvement)   Add a turn to an improvement
ImprovementComplete (GEA_Improvement [, location] [, int_player] [, int])   An improvement is complete
InciteRevolutionOrder (army, location)   Army incites a revolution
InciteRevolutionUnit (unit, city)   Unit incites a revolution
InciteUprisingOrder (army, location)   Army incites slave uprising
InciteUprisingUnit (unit, city)   Incite a slave uprising
IndulgenceSaleMade (unit, city)   Indulgence sale made
InitDiplomaticState (int_player, int_player)   Initialize Diplomatic state
InitStrategicState (int_player)   Initialize strategic state
InjoinCity (city, int_player)   City is injoined
InjoinOrder (army, location)   Army injoins
InjoinUnit (unit, city)   Unit injoins city
InvestigateCityOrder (army, location)   Army investigates city
InvestigateReadinessOrder (army, location)   Army investigates readiness
KillCity (city, int, int_player)   Kill a city
KillPlayer (int_player, int, int_player)   A player has died (all cities gone)
KillPop (city)     Remove a pop
KillTile (location)   A map tile dies (turns to polluted)
KillTradeRoute (GEA_TradeRoute, int)     Kill a trade route Apolyton-thread
KillUnit (unit, int, int_player)   Kill a unit
LaunchOrder (army, location)     Give a space launch order to this army
LaunchUnit (unit, location)   Launch this unit into space. NOTE: No space in CTP2
Lawsuit (army, unit, location)   Sue an army
MADLaunch (unit)   A targetted launches towards its target
MakeFranchise (unit, city, int_player)   Add a franchise to a city
MakePop (city[, int_player])     Create a pop
MoveArmy (army, int_direction, int, int, location)         Move an army one square Apolyton-thread
MoveIntoTransport (army, location)   Move an army into a transport (or several transports)
MoveOrder (army, GEA_Path, location, int)   Give a pathed move order to an army
MovePathOrder (army, location)         Give a move order to an army, creates a new path Apolyton-thread
MoveToOrder (army, int_direction)         Give a single square move order to an army Apolyton-thread
MoveUnits (army, location, location)         An army always moves on this event, no more legality checks at this point
MoveUnloadOrder (army, GEA_Path, location, int)   Army moves then unloads
NanoInfectCity (city, int_player)   City gets nanoinfected
NanoInfectCityUnit (unit, city)   Unit nanoinfects city
NanoInfectOrder (army, location)   Army nano infects
NetworkTurnSync (int_player)   Process the start of a turn for this player
NewNegotiationEvent (int_player, int_player)   A new negotiation history event has been added
NewProposal (int_player, int_player)         A new proposal has been made Apolyton-thread
NewProposalReady (int_player, int_player)   Notify world that a new proposal is ready
NextDiplomaticState (int_player, int_player)   Determine next diplomatic state Apolyton-thread
NextStrategicState (int_player)   Determine next strategic state
NukeCity (city, int_player)   The actual event that nukes a city
NukeCityUnit (unit, city)   A unit nukes a city
NukeLocationUnit (unit, location)   A unit nukes something else
NullifyWallsOrder (army, location)   Army nullifies walls
OpenInitialCityInterface (city)   Generated when a city is initialized, after all population is added
OzoneDepletion   The ozone layer depletes so that the sun burns the world
ParadropOrder (army, location)   Drop an army from a plane
PeaceMovement (int_player)   Begin player peace movement
PillageOrder (army)     Army pillages Apolyton-thread
PillageUnit (unit)     Unit pillages Apolyton-thread
PirateOrder (army)     Army dons an eyepatch and parrot and plunders a trade route Apolyton-thread
PlagueCity (city, int_player)   City gets plagues
PlagueCityUnit (unit, city)   Unit plagues a city
PlagueOrder (army, location)   Army inflicts a plague
PlantNukeOrder (army, location)   Army plants a nuke
PlantNukeUnit (unit, city)   Unit planted a nuke
PlayerPatience (int_player)   Begin player patience
PollutionTurn (int_player)   Begin player pollution
PopToCity (GEA_Pop)     Move a pop to it's home city
PopToField (GEA_Pop, location)     Move a pop to a new location
ProcessMatches (int_player, int)   Perform one pass through match list, executing matches
ProcessUnitOrders (int_player)   Added by StartMovePhaseEvent, needed to come later
ProposalResponse (player, player)   A proposal response is being considered
ReactionMotivation (int_player, int_player)   Find new proposals motivated as reactions to game events
Reentry (army)     Bring this army back to earth
ReformCityOrder (army)   Army reforms a city
ReformCityUnit (unit, city)   Unit reforms city
Reject (int_player, int_player)   A proposal has been rejected
RemoveFranchise (army, unit, city)   Sue a franchise
ResetAllMovement (int_player)   Reset all unit movement points
ResponseReady (int_player, int_player)   Notify world that a diplomatic response is ready
ResumeEmailAndHotSeatDiplomacy (player)   Continues human to human diplomacy in Email and HotSeat mode
RunCombat (army, location, int_player, int_player)   Run one round of combat
RustleOrder (army, location)   Army rustles
SellBuilding (city, int)   Sell a building from a city
SellIndulgencesOrder (army, location)   Army sells indulgences
SendEmailAndHotSeatMessage   Sends message to HotSeat and PBEM players
SendGood (int, city, city)   Send a good from one city to another
SetPiratingArmy (GEA_TradeRoute, army)   Set army pirating trade route
SetTarget (unit, city)   Give a nuclear missile (unit) a target
Settle (army [, int])   Found a city with a settler
SettleInCity (army[, int])   Adds a pop to a city with a settler
SettleInCityOrder (army)   This army settles in a city
SettleOrder (army)   This army settles
SetUnloadMovement (army)   Take away the army's move points after an unload (Except CanBeachAssault units)
SetUnloadMovementUnit (unit)   Take a unit's movement points away after an unload
SlaveRaidCity (unit, city)   Unit raids a city for slaves
SlaveRaidOrder (army, location)   Army slave raids
SleepOrder (army)   Put an army to sleep
SleepUnit (unit)   Put a unit to sleep
SoothsayOrder (army, location)   Army says sooth. "Sooth!" says Army, "Sooth!"
StartCombat (army, location)   Start a battle
StartMovePhase (int_player)   Added at the end of the primary cb for FinishBuildPhase
StartNegotiations (int_player)   After computing motivations, select new proposals
StealTechnologyOrder (army, location)   Army steals technology
SubGold (int_player, int)   Subtract gold from player
SueFranchiseOrder (army)   Army sues franchise
SueOrder (army, location)   Army sues
TargetOrder (army, location)   Give a nuclear missile a target
Teleport (army, location)   Army teleports
Threaten (int_player, int_player)   A player has been threatened
ThrowParty (int_player, int_player)   Actually throw a party
ThrowPartyOrder (army, location)   Army gets down and boogies
ThrowPartyUnit (unit, city)   Attempt to throw a party
TimerExpired (int)   Triggered when a timer expires
ToggleInitiative (int_player, int_player)   Initiative passes to party currently without initiative
TradeBid (int_player, int, city, city)   Bid on a foreign good
UncloakOrder (army)   Army uncloaks
UnconvertCity (city)   City is reformed
UndergroundRailwayOrder (army, location)   Army frees slaves
UndergroundRailwayUnit (unit, city)   Free slaves from city
UngroupOrder (army)   Ungroup an army
UnitBeginTurnVision (unit, int_player)   Begin vision phase for enemy units
UnloadOrder (army, location)   Tell an army to unload its cargo
UpgradeOrder (army)   Adds an upgrade order to this army
UpgradeUnit (unit)   This unit upgrades
UseSpaceLadderOrder (army)     Army climbs a space ladder
VictoryMoveOrder (army, location)   The move into an attacked square after winning a battle
WakeArmy (army)   Wake all units in an army
WakeUnit (unit)   Wake a unit
WonderRemoved (city, int)   Triggered when a wonder is removed
WormholeTurn (int_player)     Begin wormhole turn
ZeroProduction (city)   Set a city's stored production to 0

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