DB-Reference : Const : HLEVELB
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DB-Reference : Const : HLEVELB

Directory: calltopower2/ctp2_data/default/gamedata

Above this is sort of wet terrain

Type: int Belongs to structure:
Valid values: 0 - 100 Belongs to substructure:
Refers to textfile: Belongs to element:

The humidity controls the distribution of forest, jungle, swamp, grass, plains, desert, tundra and glacier. A bump map is randomly generated. The bumps range from 0 to 100. High bumps are wet terrain, low values are dry terrain. What terrain is used depends on what meridian you are in. The height values have a gaussian distribution, with middle values being the most common. The HLEVEL values should be adjusted to take into acount the intergral of the gaussian. HLEVELA must be greater the HLEVELB, HLEVELB must be greater then HLEVELC etc.



Information last updated by BureauBert on 06.06.2004

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