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Modding Theory : CTP2 Ideas & Suggestions : Major Mods


Ages of Man
Welcome to the Ages of Man! This is a MOD written specifically for Call to Power 2. This MOD is a continuation of my dream for the ultimate Civilisation experience. I hope you enjoy my adaption ...

Ages Of Man II
If you thought modmaking for Call to Power II was dead, you couldn't be more wrong! This mod offers such a complete overhaul of the entire game (both graphics and gameplay) that it's closer to being a sequel or an expansion pack than to a regular mod. Author Stan Karpinski reports he is still amazed at the stability of the CTPII game engine and its ability to absorb huge additions and still remain totally playable, far more playable than more recent more modern games.

Apolyton Pack
This pack is only intended for the original CTP2 game. It fixes and enhances many things with the original setup to make the game more enjoyable. Major changes include better maps, better and more aggressive AI, harder difficulty levels, ultra-gigantic maps. Together with Cradle and MedMod this is one of the most important mods for CtP2.

Civ 3 Mod
Intended to bring together the best of CTP2 and Civ3, it includes a new TileFile, new/reworked Civ3-styled units and goods, a Civ3-like tech-tree, buildings, wonders and governments - and some new SLICed festures. Possibly Civ4 as it should have been?

Cradle Of Civilization
Cradle is a Mod that focuses on the Ancient and Medieval ages of human history. Most importantly, Cradle vastly improves the default AI in terms of warfare and infrastructure with the use of many fan-created SLIC files and adjustments to the default text files.

Call To Conquest
Call to Conquest is the most extensively re-programmed (via SLIC) mod to date. Both the AI's strategy engine and it's tactics engine have been supplemented. As a result, you'll see the AI using it's Air Force effectively and, also, both you and the AI will be able to use Cruise Missiles with proper effect. Innumerable other tweaks have been made.

Medieval Pack II
The Medieval Pack II combines the Medieval mod with customized versions of Harlan's Graphics mod, Martin's Citymod2 and Dale's Diplomod, plus SLIC triggers from Locutus, Dale, Gedrin and others. It adds many new units, both player-created and from Ctp 1, 60 new advances, 5 new improvements and 3 new governments, as well as new concepts and many enhancements to game playability. This is one of the most important mods ever created for CtP2, it's a complete overhaul of the game.

"Tentative Project"
Now let's get down to business. I have several notebook pages of ideas roughly organized and wish to know what you think ...


Call to Power 3: History of Civilization Preliminary design document (v0.03): The goal of this mod is to take all existing mod material, select as many of the best featuresa as possible and put them together with some new material to create a new mod ... by Locutus
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MyMod Here it is. It is something similar to Apolyton mod for CTP2 or CD-mod for CTP1. Since I don't have time, I don't think I would update it more. started by player1
New mod on horizon Hi everyone, this is still tentative, but I couldn't hold myself back any longer I am working on a mod. started by Chris B
Poor Get Richer: A new mod for CTP2 Having considered the current state of modding for CtP2, I've come up with some concepts that I want to see in a mod ... one I intended for CtP1 ... but will work so much better in CtP2. started by MrBaggins
World At War! (1900-1950) Greetings one 'n all! The World At War! (1900 - 1950) MOD has entered its release phase. started by Dale

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