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Modding Theory : CTP2 Ideas & Suggestions : Major Mods : Cradle Of Civilization


Cradle 1.03 posted This is a continuation of the Cradle Mod version 1.02 ... started by hexagonian
Cradle 1.04 posted 1.04 has several tweaks, most important are the following ... started by hexagonian
Cradle 1.05 Several changes have been made ... started by hexagonian
Cradle 1.06 posted I am close to what I feel to be a public release of this Mod - in fact this will probably be it, unless someone posts something that really needs to be fixed ... started by hexagonian
Cradle 1.1 This latest version has many changes over the past one ... started by hexagonian
Cradle 1.31 ... is now up at my site started by hexagonian
Cradle 1.33 (Final update) Well, it has been a wonderful ride ... This will be my last supported update for Cradle (for some time, at least - I will not close the door, but I am moving on to other things). started by hexagonian
Cradle 1.34a I'm not going to say this is the final update this time, but here it is. started by hexagonian
Cradle 1.35 Cradle 1.35 is up at my site. started by hexagonian
Cradle 1.35: Thoughts on game balance I've been playing a contrived Cradle 1.35 Impossible game for some time now; I started with equivalent techs and 3 settlers- to see how well the AI could 'race'. These are my findings during this game... started by MrBaggins
Dawn of Man additions (wish list) I'd like to see the game start back in 6000 BC or so, with a single settler unit and no (or very few) intrinsic skills. That way, you would have to find a place to settle and really begin your culture up from the ground up ... started by Bluevoss
New Ancient Mod in the works OK, here goes... (Don't know if I am going to regret this or not) started by hexagonian

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