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Modding Theory : CTP2 Ideas & Suggestions : Major Mods : Medieval Pack II


Introducing the Medieval Pack II I am starting with the small stuff first, making only those changes which seem obvious to me, and leaving alone a lot of things I tinkered with in Ctp1. Here is what I have done so far, and afterward is a general outline of what I will do later on. started by WesW
Introducing the Medieval Pack II v1.0 Alpha Balancing the game may be pretty rough in the early going. Expect frequent updates to the website as we go along ... started by WesW
Is science too slow in MedModII? I might be a rookie player, but it seems like science moves a little slow in this game. Right now, its 1960, and I still don't have internal combustion ... started by Bluevoss
Med mod II Tech Tree chronology Below I have pasted all the letters I sent to Harlan and Charles (Diodorus) rearding the development of the Medieval Mod II technology tree ... started by WesW
Medieval Pack II v1.1: A Call to Arms I have uploaded the final public version of the Medieval Pack: A Call to Arms. started by WesW
Medieval Pack II v2.2 beta: Crusade! I have implemented new commerce inflation and city improvement upkeep systems ... started by WesW
Medieval Pack II: A Call to Arms This is the public release thread for the Medieval Pack II v1.0: A Call to Arms. started by WesW
MedMod II: SLIC code Instead of doing all MedMod discussion in one thread, I thought it might be a better idea to split things up. I'd like to use this thread for all SLIC-related discussions: bug-reports, questions, suggestions for improvements, etc. started by Locutus
MedMod Technological Advances I have been playing MedMod alot lately, and I have noticed that technological advances are taking a long time to reach ... started by Myth
MedPack II - summer vacation experiences I decided to write my MedPack II experiences and read all posts that have been posted in my vacation time after my post ... started by janilxx
MM2 elite units question The new advances and units are great, as is the elite concept. But I was wondering why the number of elite units drops off so sharply once you get to the Renaissance Age, I mean only two units for that age (and happening with the same advance) and no elite units thereafter. Why? started by JamesJKirk
Technology ideas for Med mod II As those of you who have kept up with the Alpha thread know, I am working on the new techs that will be in the Med mod II. I am starting this thread as a forum for you to give any proposals you have for new techs, or the re-naming of existing techs ... started by WesW
The Medieval Pack II Beta: The Gathering The Medieval Pack II combines the Medieval mod with customized versions of Harlan's Graphics mod and Dale's Diplomod, plus SLIC triggers from Locutus, Dale and others. The Medieval Pack II adds many new units, 60 new advances, 3 new improvements and 3 new governments, ... started by WesW
The Medieval Pack II Beta: The Gathering (Part 2) I have been working on some things the last few days. Hex has been helping me with the Trade Posts, the slic guys are working on their stuff, and Martin just posted the unit flags from the exe which will give us some things to try out ... started by WesW

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