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Modding Theory : CTP2 Ideas & Suggestions : The best of all worlds


Barbarians (Terrorists)
Ideas concerning barbarians, barbarian encampments, terrorists etc.

Ideas and suggestions concerning cities.

Ideas and suggestions for introducing civ-specific abilities and properties

Colonies & Encampments
Discussions and suggestions concerning colonies and (barbarian) encampments.

Ideas and suggestions for modding trade and other aspects of economy.

Various Features
Various features and events such as historical and natural events, visual effects etc.

Discussions about replaying or reinventing history, historical 'accuracy' / political 'correctness' and gamplay.

Modifications to the TileFile, ideas and suggestions for new terrain and terrain improvements

Ideas and suggestions concerning units.

Ideas and suggestions concerning wonders.


Designing The Ultimate Tech Tree In an attempt to find out what the Civ Gaming population want in a tech tree, and in the hopes of some large scale attempt to design the perfect tech tree, here is a series of questions to probe your mind, and stimulate some thoughts. started by Immortal Wombat
The best of all worlds ... The thread on this topic started by hexagonian

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