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Modding Theory : CTP2 Ideas & Suggestions : The best of all worlds : Barbarians (Terrorists)


Barbarian Encampments SLIC idea I was just wondering weather or not it would be possible for the barbarians to have encampments as in civ3 ... started by SMIFFGIG
Barbarian ideas (not just encampment) Well a barbarian encampment appears randomly on the map (i would say maybe 5 to 7 or so on a map at one time. They can only appear outside your boarders and in fog of war ... started by SMIFFGIG
Barbarian Peacekeepers? I thought towards the modern age barbarians basically dont exist anymore how bout turning the red color into something like NATO or UN Peacekeepers ... started by jkadabomb
Barbarians, Terrorists I think that barbarians should not only represent raiders and barbarians in the old days but also the terrorists of our times ... started by Martock
Bringing barbarians back to the oceans Did you like those barbboats in CIV1 very much, I know I did, just when you where about to land your trireme on uncharted land a little red boat would appear and sink your fleet ... started by Huysmans_666
Privateers / Pirates Anyone been playing Civ3 and see how privateers work? The hidden nationality lets you attack without declaring war or your enemy knowing who you are. it adds another challenge, mainly when you apply the ability to a ground unit and even bettera stealth bomber or submarine ... started by E
Terrorist Trigger Well I think I have settled on a formula for terrorism that I am happy with ... started by Gedrin

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